KSK Videos

As What Ive Seen
KSK Has To Be The Best Alex Around

I Have The EVO Dvds
But Does Anyone Where Can I Find Video From Him Besides There ^___^
Thanks In Advance

Been wondering about this as well. I have never seen any KSK vids and can’t find any of them for the life of me. Anyone got any links?

BTW J.D your AV is too good.

SBO quailfyers and such check out Goforbroke 2 (DC++).

I Made This Thread A While Ago
I Couldnt Find Any Videos On Any Site
Even On Gamers Vision
I Cant Find Any Link For Videos In There Since Its All In Japanesse lol
So The Best Option Is To Check On Go For Broke
Go Here http://www.geocities.com/goforbrokehub/news.htm
Mi Nickname Is J.D
I Have Lots Of KSK Videos Including Some Gachi Battle Stuff Where He Plays, My Screan Name Is J.D
You Can Check My Files In There :karate:

Gee Thanks, You Can Ask Alee On Image Mimash For Something Like This
He Made It, And I Love It lool
Adian Demos Rules Too
Ha Made An Alex/Setn Av For Me A While Ago

Later :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help I’ll be sure to check out GoForBroke stuff.

And that link you gave grahf swe, all the torrents are dead :sad: .

i also have some ksk videos, look me on the gfb hub, my dc name is also locoghoul

Hey guys. This topic is old as hell but I thought I’d bump it since i’d like more vids of good alex players (especially KSK)

Here’s two I uploaded from an old KSK ranbat


please post more

Argh, I hate streaming videos, could u plz upload those vids using SendSpace or something plz? Thanks


Thanatos-vs-KSK-02-04-06-RanBat -> http://uploadfile.putfile.com/videos/15200340178.wmv

Kokujin-vs-KSK-02-04-06-RanBat -> http://uploadfile.putfile.com/videos/15200441542.wmv

i’m sorry , do you know that putfile banned my country’s IP for hanging an aussie .

edit : oh forget it . it works .


Wow these are good videos. I live the ksk vs. Thanatos the best. Really good stuff.

they ain’t working

Hey now, what about Zangoef? His Alex is beastly.

KSK is just a beast hands down!!!

check the date of the post you’re quoting, I don’t think there were many (any?) Zangoef vids floating around at the time.

kyushu taikai 2k5?

No, I know that. I’m just saying that as of now, Zangoef could very well be better than KSK.

I dunno about that. He’s definitely more aggressive, but KSK seems to know a lot of the match-ups better.