KSK's Gamer's Vision goes out of business


super nohoho fighter ii x: Vision The Final Show Time

Well, this is depressing. If KSK can’t stay in business, who can?




That’s really bad new, specially with just a few more weeks before SSF4:AE is released.


Thanks a lot Super Street Fighter 4


Someone who doesn’t count on capcom games?

(not trolling, serious question)


Oh, how terr- wait…this changes nothing. We’ll STILL have to wait for the home version to play it.


I’m pretty sure he meant it’s bad news for KSK. AE would have probably meant some good business, but now it’s too late.


Didn’t he have one of the top arcades? I mean it probably wasn’t anything like club sega or anything, but wasn’t his spot TEH SPOT for the good fighting game players? Maybe he has something else planned.


Coming from a fellow Alex player,this is truly terrible.

So I guess that means no more Gamers Vision ranbats and stream footage too.

On another note,what do dead arcades get turned into?Just more shops or something?


man that’s pretty :frowning:


comments from the linked article fwiw


Yeah some of us are empathetic for others, especially a guy like KSK who has done more for fighting game players than almost anybody.


Without GV, there would be none of the Ranbats that we see in today’s fighting games.

GV & 3S pioneered Ranbats, which were then carried over to SoCal’s 3S scene.

Now Ranbats are commonplace everywhere.

RIP. :sad:


Sucks to have your dream not pan out…what happened, exactly? Bad economy? More info, please. And what ramifications does his arcade closing have for US’ damn-near dead situation and fighting gamers who live in states where there are no decent? Will things here get even worse (is that even possible??) because of this japanese arcade closing? Did he have ventures on our shores with our remaining arcades?


One less resource to watch super turbo matches.


Does this mean he won’t have the money to pay off SBO organizers to keep 3S in the lineup for next year?


He had to pay them for that?


I’m pretty sure 3S will be at next year’s SBO.

I remember reading long ago that one of the directors of SBO (Yasuaki Matsuda) said that as long as he is apart of the SBO committee, 3S will continue to be there, since it’s his favourite game.

I guess we’ll see next year.

Besides, it’s the only game that has been at SBO every single year. SBO wouldn’t be SBO without 3S. Just like Seasons Beatings wouldn’t be SB without Marvel.


I think it was a combination of factors of a lot of factors. I’d feel like a gossip if I said everything I heard, but I think the post SF4 world was a rough transition for Vision. I had heard he added many Tekken machines, but whether or not your spot becomes a hot spot in Japan seems kind of arbitrary sometimes.

Also, no, KSK does not pay off the SBO committee for 3s to continue to be included. It’s as Shin Akuma says. One of the directors just happens to be fond of the game.


What was the deal with sf4, anyway? I heard it sometimes increased business, and sometimes it seemed to drive people away, and be ignored in favor of older sf games. There were conflicting reports about how well it was accepted.