KSK's Gamervision RanBat 12/10

LEVA already posted this on the other thread but i guess this way would be more notorious. Anyway i haven’t dled it yet (i can’t use torrent, hoping for an upload) but from the brackets i can say that Yamazaki got 2nd place!!!

Still no response from the torrent, it’s strange… Ksk torrents are usually hella fast to DL, if someboy can get this RB please upload it somewhere. Many tnx in advance.

I can’t connect to the tracker either, been trying for hours.

LOL, thats a sweet windmill Q is doing there.

Yamazaki is the fucking MAN.

I couldn’t even hope to place against this comp, and he’s doing it with TWELVE?!?

I’ll be torrenting this later tonight. As soon as it’s done I’ma do my job and sendspace it so you non-bittorrent guys can get in on the action too! :tup:

I’m d/ling at 200k/s

Maybe you guys should try bitcomet? I dunno.

I use BitComet and I love it. I used to use Azereus, but it gave me some headaches…

Anyways, it was a pretty good Ranbat… except that I hate Chun. There’s only one this time, which made it better though. Actually, everyone was using a different character… it’s a nice change from seeing a bunch of top-tiers.

But yeah, as I mentioned in the other thread… why did they keep saying ‘mama’ when Nuki was using Chun? That got really annoying imo… Yamazaki played pretty well, Pierre did alright, and there were some new people that I haven’t seen on any Ranbat’s before too that played well.

Good Ranbat in general, nothing too memorable from it though.

From the you guys talk about it I’m assuming Nuki ran shop again. :lol:

BTW I use BitComet as well. I used to use ABC but ABC’s been giving me problems lately.

Sweet, I thought it was cool. That Q player, Makeinu, had some interesting points on playing against Twelve.

I’m seeding for y’all.

Damn that was a mad Ranbat big props for Yamazaki for doing that shit with 12 but i have to say watching Nukis chun is quite scary , Its criminal how many people Chun can ground crossup in the corner :looney:

any link for the torrent?

someone host the vid… torrents suck

I can’t find any seeds right now. I usually don’t torrent it until Saturday morning any ways. Guess I’ll just have to wait till then.


Hey guys, I uploaded it… not trying to steal your thunder DevilJin!

Guys use Azureus or Bitcomet like others have suggested. The tracker is down but yet I’m still able to connect to other peers.

I finished dling the file at 200kb/s.

Bit Comet is indeed the answer

ABC wouldn’t work for me.

BTW noone better spoil anything. I read something about Q and Twelve, NO MORE

Word of the day is …


One of these days…Yamazaki will be king.

Nice man. This’ll save me some time. I’m gonna upload one on sendspace any ways just incase. Glad someone else took the time to put a non bt link together. :tup: I finally found some seeds and then it was downloading at like over 400 kb per second. Finished in like 10 minutes once it got started.

Iinstead of EY EY EY they go BRRT BRRT HA HA for Chun’s super. :rofl: