KSK's Gamervision RanBat 12/24

I just found it on KSK’s site so I’ll put the link up here. Torrent form as always and remember to seed! :cool:


Download it now.

My d/l = 600 kb/s ha! It finished like in four minutes.

^wtf, i had 40 kbps. Anyway everytime i see Yamazaki playing i wonder why there aren’t more 12 players, that dude has godly reflexes to own with 12.

Yamazaki makes my head explode…wow

Does anyone have this as non torrent??

If ANY american made it that far with someone like Twelve at FFA, he would be a local legend amarite?.

I know there are people that are way better, but damn. I gotta root for the twelve :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy on Filefront has it for download for non torrent peepz.

yamazaki will make it one day… ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!

When could that be…

Your a great man …my lord

tnx a lot…!!!