Kubodsgarden- Japan's First Offline UMvC3 Major

awww sheeet time for dat japanese marbulruu

wait its single elim?

god damn it japanese you’re doing it wrong!!!

It’ll be refreshing to see how people in an entirely different region of the world play this game. Online sessions don’t do it justice for me…

Single elim? Hey, SBO is single-elim, too. I guess they like that format.

G.X kuuronn 多機種持ち kuuronn kuuronn
going to be there
Shit’s gonna get real

Will definitely be watching. Get to see some new shit.


The best part we see MVC2 LiquidMetal again…

From Fubarduck:

Yep, the same RF who uses Sagat in SF4 and Faust in Guilty Gear! His name stands for “Rugal Fantasy”.

And Yokohama M.O.D.O.K. does indeed use M.O.D.O.K. He’s been using him since the beginning of vanilla MVC3 so it will be interesting to see what he can do.

A little info about the players -

Abegen - This was the Tron/Thor/She-Hulk player that wowed everyone by winning Ogty’s Xbox360 Online tournament.
RF - This is the same RF known for SF4 and Guilty Gear.
GO1 (pronounced ‘Go Ichi’) - Top Melty Blood and Aquapazza player
G.X - This was the Spencer/Phoenix Wright player who got 2nd in the Xbox360 Online tournament.
DIE Chan - Really famous Guilty Gear player, used A.B.A.
Nezu - Bang player from Blazblue
Umezono - Well known player who is also on the SBO committee, attended many American majors last year including Evo and Revelations
Kyamei - This was the really strong Mei Fang from the Arcana Heart 1 & 2 days, also plays Aquapazza
Kenchan - A player & writer for Arcadia Magazine
HeartNana - American player teaching English in Japan, qualified for SBO Blazblue in 2009
Chou - Litchi player that won SBO Blazblue CS1 in 2010

Umezono was a top 3S player also so it’ll be interesting to see him.

HeartNana representing that JET program. Go USA.

Top 8 at Evo 2011 BB, too!

Reminded me of this video. So good.

I was hoping fellow Iron Man anchor Condor Missile would get in there but don’t see him on the list.

Get to see some “honest” play lmao.

Tokido needs to get in there man

Wow can’t wait to see this.

a bit iffy about single elims in a MARVEL tournament, but who cares; I get to see high-level play from the Japanese in UMvC3. just hope they don’t charge 8.95. lol.

Wonder if someone from over there uses Phoenix Wright. :slight_smile:

Especially looking forward to SpinKing vs LiquidMetal.

Kuuron Uses Spencer/Wright sometimes. He is also know as G.X I believe.

Something to actually look forward too !




Damn! I’m going to Osaka next week, why can’t this be next week or just in Tokyo?!

I have played so many of these guys on PSN, like GO-13151, gozzo, fel_network, tanukik, harthia, yokohama_modok… Unfortunately, none are exceptionally good iirc. But some are solid, like yokohama_modok’s Modok (surprise!), but last time I played him he didn’t use him anymore. And I can recall harthia being a pain too.

Too bad the two top players I play on PSN aren’t listed… which are yuki and Condor_Missile. They are serious business, Vergil/Mag/Sent and Cap(or Spencer)/Sent/Iron Man. Sometimes I go 5-30 against these guys. Condor single-handedly makes me think Sent and even Tony might be top tier, fly/unfly is such a pain… He also made me punch a hole in the wall lol, true story.