Kula beats Mature

Kula beats Mature (poor Mature:( )

Love the picture but hate the fact that Mature was beaten by Kula. But still A+ work!

Like the coloring, kula looks very flat for some reason.

Thanks. Least mature beats most mature. I used Colerease pencil, inked over it, and used Prismacolor pencil to color.

What’s flat? (just curious)

Looks choice bro!

I almost looks like pastels.

P.S:Play Beats Of Rage!

Vary your lines more and it won’t look flat. Bolder lines show weight. Also you could use some more highlights in your color.

Oh yeah. Thanks.

I really like the composition, and how Mature is laying on the ground defeated. I would of tried to blend the colors a little more. Maybe having a larger value range so that the shadows along with the highlight would define the muscle, and make the form appear to be 3-D as apposied to a flat drawing. I really like the drawing, keep up the good work:)

The gesture drawing to this picture is great. Elements of textures and detail are on. Excellent Drawing!!