Kuma Teams



Post your teams! Right now I’m running Kuma/Yoshi.
Also feel free to put any cross combos you are using.


M.Bison, Kuma.


Geif and Kuma



Right now Im using Kma is my nonstop point character. So far the pertner I;ve been having most cosistenty with is Kuma/Sagat.

I had even try Kuma/ M.Biso. But I was’t feeling Bison so well. I’m considering Kuma/Orge but dunno.


Friend of mine is running Kuma/Ogre and he likes it alot.


I have been trying to run Kuma on point and King but its kinda hard to combo :x


considering Kuma strength I see combo not helping much unless it builds healthy amount of meter.

Kuma/ Orge sounds like fun


I’m gonna work on some Kuma/King tag in combos this weekend. I’ll let you guys know if I find any good strings/links.
@keo: His combos hit so hard hahaha


whys that?


Its really more of the fact that bison was not my prefer character. I have always been use to alpha bison style who turtles. This bison is more reminiscent to SF4/ CvS2 where he thrives at rushdown. I don’t play rushdown or atleast not with the team I have in mind.


All I gotta say is King + knee = shit tons of damage.


Also, Kuma/Heihachi is looking REALLY good.


Heh I think King will go good with anyone, fantastic character to have in second to come in and do some serious damage. I also agree that Kuma in second seems like the best bet, just because he’s so dangerous when he has meter stocked, that any launch by your point character or tag cancel to Kuma coming in, is going to lead to some SERIOUS pain.

Right now I’m thinking of Abel/Kuma…we’ll see how it goes, could have some dirty combos

Also, that squirtle avatar ^ hahaha


I’m running that team for now. Going pretty well. Not many combos though.


Been messing around with my King/Kuma. Looking better and better every day.
Also, anyone got some good BnB’s for Kuma?
Right now I’m rockin’ L>M>H>QCF.H.H>cMK… dunno what to follow up with :? maybe Frolicking bear?


ive also been running kuma/bison. but i really like the 2 on 2 and usually make a tag team endless battle or find a partner.

after qcf .h.h i follow with hk>hk frolicking bear im not sure whats the best though


Thats the best follow up outside of super. You could also do an ex frolicking bear into a switch cancel but damage scaling makes this not worth it. And if you really want to switch after hcf+h,h you can just do HP+HK and switch cancel to still get a juggle.


Right now I’m using Abel/Kuma. I like to start with Abel since I love being able to pursue and approach opponents easier at the start of a round. When he has done enough damage I usually bring in Kuma for the kill.


Yeah I’m using this team too, they can do crazy damage. Over 500 from one step kick and 2 bars, and thats without using super. Crazeeeee.


Gief/Kuma is working for me. Heavy damage heavy hype!