Kuma Video Thread



Kuma gameplay and other non-combo vids go here


Hopefully we can find good players to showcase him.


Best Kuma I’ve seen is a toss between jimmyPKG (hong kong) and Yokuboo

Yokuboo is a smart player and has some good spacing but doesn’t use hunting stance and I think is still learning things, Jimmy though, half the time he’s in hunting stance and his pressure game is great! You can find them high up on the leaderboards!

Video showing what Abel can do paired with Kuma, some really high damage stuff



dammit drew why are your videos so godlike?

oh yeah Apollo Creed called from the dead. he wants his swagger back :smiley:


Yokuboo in action at the start here against Poongko, told you he was good! Really smart player.

Also there’s another kuma to add to the two previous ones, Mori…he’s high on the leaderboards too, check him out.



Ed kuMa


hope he stick with him.


Let’s get some more videos up in here!
I found a youtuber named daveythesurfer who has uploaded a few hours of Kuma gameplay online and while I am just learning Kuma myself, I’d say he is very good!


This is the most recent of his, feel free to see others.


Hey guys! I did a video a while ago doing a breakdown of Kuma’s Moveset and mini montage at the end
Hope you like it !




Poongko playing King and Kuma? He and I think alike? Oh godz.


has anyone watched sethlolol play kuma mean he beat infiltration?