**KUMITE!** San Antonio's first real tourney in ages, June 21st, 2008



San Antonio’s first real tourney in ages. Having grown tired of smash, I want to delve into other communities. I know there’s a lot of people that play in San Antonio, but there hasn’t been a significant event in ages to draw these players out of the woodworks. So San Antonio, come out and show your support! As for the rest of Texas, you’re more then welcome to come to. So let’s get to it.


June 21st, 2008


7007 Bandera Rd
San Antonio, TX
(At Bandera and Huebner on the corner with the Church’s Chicken.)



Registration begins at 11:00 am. Events will begin at 2:00 pm.

Capcom vs SNK 2-------------------------------2:00 pm
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike-----------------3:00 pm
Tekken 5 DR-------------------------------------3:30 pm
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core-------------------4:00 pm
Marvel vs Capcom 2----------------------------5:00 pm
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection-------5:30 pm

Entry Fees:

Venue Fee: $5 gets you a wrist band and allows you to enter the tournament area of the store.

Please bring any systems, games and tvs. It will be appreciated.

All main events are 10 dollars.
All side events are 5 dollars.

Prize Layout:

All events will pay out as such

1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

Side events may determine their own pay out.

I’ll bring a VCR to record some matches. However uploading will need to be done by someone else.

Tournament Rules:**

All tournaments (except CVS2, in which all matches will be best 2 of 3. Only Grand Finals will be best 3 of 5) will be a sets of 2 of 3, double elimination bracket. Winners/Losers/Grand finals will be 3 of 5.

If any tournament does not get at least 7 players that game will be canceled and players registered will get there money refunded for that tournament.

If a tournament ends up getting canceled the players may play their own thing on the side. This will no longer be official but a side tournament. And they will be in charge of running it themselves.

Changing your button configuration is allowed. No hardware assisted macros are allowed.

Game Specific rules:

Specific Game Rules:

Capcom vs SNK 2
Roll Cancelling is allowed.
No EX Grooves allowed.
You may not use the same character twice on one team.
Ultimate Rugal, Super Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Evil Iori are not allowed in tournament play.
Switching the order of your characters during the loading screen is only allowed on your first match.
After winning, you must pick the same characters, same order.

Marvel vs Capcom 2
You may not use any glitch that prevents the game from being played. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing, etc.
Deadbody infinites are allowed to gain a positional advantage, but not to delay the game.
Button switching during the loading screen is allowed (e.g. Holding ASSIST 1 to switch your first assist with the point).
You may not use the same character twice on one team.
Winner keeps the same team, while the loser can switch teams.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Winning player must keep the same character, but can change super art’s. The losing player can choose a new character.
Gill is banned in tournament play.
JUDGEMENT will NOT be used to determine the outcome of a match if it should so come up. That match will be played over again until a true
winner is determined.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character.
Akuma is not allowed in tournament play.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds the match judge will enforce blind random stage select.
Jinpachi is banned from tournament play.

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core
#Reloaded characters, Kliff and Justice are not allowed in tournament play.
Use of EX, Gold and Shadow characters are not allowed in tournament play.
Winner keeps the same character and the losers can change characters.

70-20-10 is the universal payout method. fix it.

luluz Kumite. I guess I gotta start practicing again D:

Im there

EDIT: Whats with the name of the tourney :S

I’ll probably be there =]

Agreed hahaha

Money match or what?

payout is fixed.

Lol I guess not as many people have seen the movie Bloodspor,but that is the Kumite reference. Austin will try and make this, need to get people together to go.

btw if you are tired of smash, why are you hosting a smash tourny the weekend before?

i will probably go to this.

Cool, I might go! :rock:

I think FS4 will be my last one. Not sure. I just enjoy running tournaments.

id like to go to this but not sure what my schedule is going to be

will see as it draws closer to the date i guess

i will be there

Just remember people we need setups, like tvs, consoles, and games. There is a total of ten tvs to work with initially.

good to see an event coming together in SA. i’m not gonna be in town to make this one (i’m sure it doesn’t matter to anyone), but i will definitely be down in the near future when i move back. props to The MC Clusky and everyone else involved for settin this up:rock:, and now i REALLY can’t wait to get back to town for future events.:tup:

Leave it to SRK to hold a tournament conveniently close to a chicken joint. :rofl:

That’s weak, but otherwise sounds like fun. I’ll come if I’m not occupied that weekend.

New idea

lolz at the chicken comment.

What’s wrong with the 3rd strike rules? Maybe it’s not clear, but the way I have it, winner stays character, but both peeps can change Super Arts.

Also, I’m thinking of having a side tourney for 3rd strike 3 on 3 battles. Also watch this video:


It’s a be a dollar tournament with similar settings for shits and giggles.

So I figure with home court advantage either me or Oscar will finally win CvS2. Whoo!

I am offended by the usage of Kumite.