Kung Fu Janitor - Street Fighter plus Castlevania


Hi guys,

I hope posting in here is ok. I didn’t want to post this in the street fighter thread, since it wasn’t directly talking about street fighter games per say.

I’m a solo indie developer working on a fighting mixed platforming game for the past 1.5 years. I’ve always admired SF3 for it’s amazing animations and combat system, so I tried to merge that into a platforming game along with my art style.

I worked on all the code, design and art and I’m starting to do a bit of outreach to see if this kind of game would interest the fighting community?

Please take a look, constructive criticism is welcome and be kind. o__0

If the game looks like something you’d enjoy, and you’d like to know more. Please feel free to comment in this thread or find more info here:


Cheers and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


You did all this yourself?


Why is it so out of focus? It’s like I’m watching something on a dirty CRT


Looks interesting but like TGG says, you cant see shit.


Looks impressive but can’t see shit. I know you’ve got the CRT thing going on but for presentable media I think it’s gotta be recorded at hi-res. You’ve got a lot of detail in there and it’s a shame we can’t see it. Entire thing reminds me of Earthworm Jim and that warms my heart.


That resolution hurts my eyes.


Hi guys, Thanks alot for the input! Yes I neglected to mention a couple things…

  1. I’m terrible at video compression… everything is ridiculously blurry. If you guys have any advice on recording codecs \ tools… I’d love to hear it.
  2. Audio \ music are from other games. It’s all placeholder and just for me to be able to get a feeling for the game.

@Kalyx triaD yes I did everything in there except the music. Programming, design and art\animation\sfx\UI. Thats why it took a bit of time… :frowning:

Thanks again for the input

This is a screenshot in game, is this still too blurry to you guys?


Your filter is too strong man, that’s a 1080p image and it’s super blurry. Is your game supposed to run at 1080p? It looks like 3D without the glasses at the moment but I think if you go half-strength on the filter it will look better.

Kung Fury Street Rage did this very well.

I think it works here because there is less detail in the assets and less assets in the environment so even though it’s intentionally blurry the presentation doesn’t smush together. Since you have so much more detail in your assets you should reduce the strength of your filter or go vice-versa. Also raising the contrast/gamma of the characters opposed to the bg will help them separate more.


Your two years of solo work puts a lot of indy team stuff to shame, tbh. But yeah you should check out some recording tools to really show off the game.

So what’s the deal with gameplay? Design pillars? And have you considered crowd funding? You have more to show than a lot of people who start a crowd fund campaign with concept art and promises.


Please make other characters with generous amounts of oppai.


Brill :tup:


what’d you program this in (language)?
are you using some pre-made engine or is this your own?

i’ve worked on my own stuff too totally solo.

i know haxe and most recently use snow/luxe. https://luxeengine.com/ if you’re curious.

if it is your own engine i’d be interested in reading your trials and tribulations, your background in programming etc.


Would probably look good without that filter.


@Zensouken yea the video codec I was using was pretty bad. And on top of some blur settings, you can see some hi-res screenshots here. Do these still look too blurry?




Thanks man, appreciate the recognition. :o

For gameplay \ design pillars, the game is a platformer while mixing in alot of street fighter move sets. I’ve put in parrying (but call it blocking for simplicity) and fireball motions and there’s going to be supers requiring fireball motions etc. It’ll be level based and I’ll have a light RPG system where moves need to be “trained” in order to have them unlocked. Once unlocked then you can use them in levels. It’s more complicated than that, but for the sake of length I’m keeping it short. If you’d like more info please join the discord group, I’ll be putting up builds over there for people to download.


If enough people ask for a character like that! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’m just using Unity3d and coding in C#, nothing fancy. I’m not a coder actually… my background is art\ animation. But I got tired of waiting for someone to make a street fighter platformer. I’d also suggest to please join the discord group, I’ll be posting builds for download.

What game are you working on? I’d love to see it!

Got it! I think this is the general feedback I’m getting. I have to really figure out how to fix this.

Thanks guys!


The art direction is very nice, I agree with the others the filter needs to be toned down a couple of notches.


I’m not a programmer by trade either. I’m a designer professionally.
there’s an early form of the 2d kendo game i worked on somewhere on one of my hdds. it’s similar to that footsies game just with a tad more going on interaction wise.

the current thing has no visuals. well, outlines to test collision interactions and input response but it’s not a game. it’s just the beginning of an engine.
but i’m always interested in learning about other people’s engines.
like just the basics such as how you build up what a ‘character’ is. do you have a parent/child relationship of collision with a single entity or is it a ‘group’ of entities.

i’m not even sure how unity works. every time i’ve looked at it i’ve been turned off by the UI and how much it seems built around a bunch of tools.
like i’ll need to learn how unity does things to use it. instead of just doing what i want to do.


Thanks for the compliment on the AD! Which filter are you talking about in particular? The CRT or the blur?

2D Kendo game, nice! Would it have been a spiritual successor to bushido blade? Wow so you decided to code your own engine? Much respect! That’s insane to me to even think about. My collision system isn’t complex, the enemies for now just have 1 hit box ( the body ) because I plan on having enemies with different types, so some can only be attacked with low attacks and others require you to attack with a jump kick for example, before you can start to string up your combos. Hopefully I can show you guys some videos of that soon.

I agree, Unity was intimidating when I started to learn it. But it has a ton to offer once you get the hang of things. If you’re familiar with Unreal Engine, then Unity should be easier to get into. But if you’re used to more 2d based engines like Tiled, Cocos2D and probably gamemaker?? … then wrapping your head around the interface might be harder.

Btw I love that your avatar of Ryu is the most serious looking guy with aggressive spiky hair, badazz headband and super determined glare. While my avatar of Corbo is a guy with round poofy hair, crusty headband and giving the derpiest smile ever. lol


heh. Ryu is my spirit animal. This is a cropped capture from the intro to 3S if you didn’t recognize it.

yeah sort of bushido blade-ish. in that it’s focused really on single clean hits and footsies.

ok so i’m guessing unity has some built in stuff for handling all kinds of common game functions and what not. that’s cool. i used UE back around 02-05. but back then just for map making.

i started more seriously with a program called stencyl. but it was too limited. then i moved to the framework stencyl uses (haxeflixel) and writing everything myself. but i ended up hating the way haxeflixel did certain things.

so i moved to snow/luxe because it’s barebones. it doesn’t have a specific way of doing anything at all. so you can develop exactly the systems you need for your specific game. there’s also good direct support via the main dev, sven, through gitter. there’s no real support outside direct communication and the api doc though. you just need to try stuff.

it’s very impressive how far you’ve gotten going it solo. it’s a real challenge to keep motivated when you have no one else and your goal is quite distant.
what’ve been the most challenging parts of development for you so far?


Yea I know that ver of 3rd Strike Ryu. Best version of SF IMO. You should recognize this move then. (Joudan Sokutogeri aka Donkey Kick) :slight_smile: I’m more of a fan of Dudley\Chun Li in 3rd strike. Dudley’s 1-2-3 combos were fun to find out and use in game.

Unity’s pretty great. I can’t imagine creating anything from scratch like what you’re doing. That’s some serious hardcore development! But good on you for doing it, if you start using Unity then you’ll be able to get 1000x more out of it than I have.

I think the most challenging part of development is staying motivated, like you said. Having the trailer video get 8 thumbs up and 7 thumbs down, kinda is depressing. but I think I know what the issues are so next time up I’ll see if I can fix things. Also not really knowing if what I’m doing is even going to interest the gamer is kind of scary. I need to get a build of this game out in the open and start seeing if anyone even wants to play a game like this.

Are you interested in trying it out? Anyone else in here interested in trying out the work-in-progress game?


LOL that sokutogeri is on point man. Need to turn his lead hand upside down tho for full Ryu authenticity, hes the only guy to throw the kick out that way.



Am actually kinda hype to see where you are taking this project, do you have your own page or blog for it?

edit: disregard ive followed the twitter. :tup: