Kung Fu Style



This has been bothering me for awhile…about what is stated to be Yun’s fighting style. I have read a few sites that say Yun’s style is based on Gen’s Crane, Tiger, and Bear(though you only see his Crane stance), and Yang’s based on his Mantis Style. This makes sense to me and you can see resemblances in the game but…

Tiamat’s guide states “Yun’s (Yang’s also) fighting style is listed as Chinese kenpou
learned from his grandfather. It’s based on a Chinese boxing
style/martial art called Baji Quan”. In Japanese, its hakkyokuken.
A direct translation would be 8 Extremes Fist.

Yun's fighting style is an original one that combines the Mantis

Fist, Snake Fist, and 8 Extremes Fist."

First off was the last sentence supposed to be about Yang? Because Yang obviously uses Mantis and a lot of his strikes seem to be snake strikes…not so much Yun.

…and the whole bajiquan thing has me confused. I’ve looked up this art and watched a dvd on it but it doesn’t seem to resemble much of the twins style. Yes the style is heavy on elbows but so are many other styles of kung fu, and the way they are performed is very different. The one thing though is as rare as finding out about bear kung fu, bajiquan uses a system of bear stepping…so maybe thats where the baji came from? Though there is also a baguazhang bear I read about and uses circular stepping moves similar to some of Yun’s attacks.


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Guess I overdid it…I was trying to find out Yun’s exact fighting style, since there are tons of styles under the general ‘kung fu’. In Tiamat’s street fighter plot guide with the character bios it says he uses bajiquan, mantis, and snake style although it sounds more like Yang…on other sources it says Yun uses Crane, Tiger, and Bear? styles…so just seeing if anyone knows what’s right.


I think it’s baiji quan (just like Akira Yuki in Virtua Fighter: you can recognize the characteristic palm or shoulder moves).


I’ve just come to terms with Yun’s style being mostly Bajiquan and Yang being Mantis Style, even though there are also other styles mixed in there for both characters as well.

If you want something more vague, look at Ryu/Ken/Akuma/Gouken: they have a whole mix of various martial arts thrown in, like shotokan/judo/taekwondo/etc, but the official name for their style is something like “Martial arts with roots in assassination arts”. The term “Ansatsuken” itself is very vague: Gen uses it too, but then again so does Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken.


yun fighting style is the following; 123 > GJ > 123 > GJ > 123 > GJ…