Kung Fu

I’m loving KoF XIII but I find myself wishing for a Bruce Lee / Kung Fu character (along the lines of Fei Long / Marshall Law).

Kensou kind of looks like a kung fu fighter but doesn’t exactly fit the bill. Has KoF ever had a Bruce Lee homage style character?

Hon-Fu from Fatal Fury is the closest I can think of off the top of my head.

You can easily make Kensou look like Fei Long, though, if you really wanna.

I hadn’t thought of that… been playing Capcom games so long I forgot you could colour edit in this one.

You’ll find plenty of Marshall Law/Fei Long in Kensou. However, other chinese practitioners like Duo lon and Chin are options to consider if you ever want to go down more fantasy or drunken boxing kung fu.

I’ve been playing Kensou quite a bit lately and I like him a lot. Seems good on point so far. Also, rekka’s are awesome.

I’ve tried to edit his colours to make him look like Bruce Lee / Fei Long but getting his shirt to look like skin is tricky. Followed a guide on SRK and it came out so-so.

  • Hon Fu
  • Tung Fu Rue
  • Hotaru
  • Gato

maybe SNK can consider them for the next game.

These are the only ones i can think for now, the most “bruce lee” snk character is Hon fu and that annoying chinese dude from world heroes,

Now I KNOW you ain’t dissin’ on Kim Dragon. He can put you on endless block stun with just crouching light punch, you don’t fuck around with him.

Id love to see Hotaru and Gato come back but they’re down on my wish list after Vanessa and Whip then Id say Hotaru and Gato down after some guys I can’t think off right now

Aren’t we tired of Bruce Lee by now!? Let us have more Jet Li like that guy in Last Blade :slight_smile:

If you’re tired of Bruce Lee it means you’ve spent too much time looking at the finger and not the heavenly glory.

Totally forgot - K’ and Kula have fighting styles that are both based off of Jeet Kune Do.

I can’t bring myself to use K’ because he’s just too cool for me. Kula seems strong, although not very “kung fu”.

Kula’s not very kung fu, but she is very Jeet Kune Do.

Specifically, the principle of JKD that says you should study all techniques and apply them to your fighting style if they work without being constrained by tradition. Incorporating ice skating techniques into her JKD shows off that principle.