Kung Fury, the hope of all mankind


Words fail me when attempting to capture this awesome force in mere description.

Kickstarter info here.

Edit, the kickstarter jumped 100,000$ overnight it’s already over halfway to it’s goal in less then 24 hours.
If this can keep up, a full feature length was the primary goal according to the director which is fantastic news.

edit #2 140,000 before noon pst.

edit #3 As previously noted it’s fully hit it’s target and current at $272,000 in under 48hrs and well on track to make the stretch goal for a feature film.

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What is this?


Fucking amazing, and a gift to all mankind is what this is.


lol, what in the fuck.

at first i was like, ha, i get it, this is silly
then i was like, lool omg, this is great, i will watch it.

good for them


It’s like someone finally made a streets of rage movie with Axle as the lead.


Yaaaay…another bunch of unrelated 80s tropes and spoofs thrown in a blender and bleached with After Effects.

We really need more of these.


More then you can ever know.


I thought this was going to be so corny I’d hate it. But I think I’m really down for anything that “hacks time”.


Yeah and HITLER being the antagonist, MAN I DID NAZI THAT COMING AT ALL GUYS

I am the cancer


I really like that they’re avoiding showing bone by making them turn in slow motion


This one actually seems to get it right though, judging by the trailer anyway.


lmfao…looks like a sega cd video/cutscene


I was sold at the title…

Immediately thought of this, falls into the same category of “things that seem to rad to exist”


giving all of my munnies


lol crossfire had one of the most legit commercials ever.


There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

This will be my favorite movie ever if the climax is a guitar duel.


While everybody waits for a crazy over-the-top gritty 80s parody to get funded, don’t forget there’s always -authentic- crazy over-the-top gritty 80s movies lying around


Streets of Fire is a super fucking legit movie. I went into it having no idea what it was or what was in store, and was super pleased with what my body had withstood by the end. It’s even got a creepy young Willem Dafoe as the antagonist. 5/5 movie.


And it’s where Capcom came up with Final Fight


I lol’d at one of the reviewer comments in the Miami Connection trailer “Awesome and proof God exists…” I gotta check this one out. Also, Triforce should probably try to get some kind of TradeMark going on his glove before Kung Fury comes out.