Kuniku's Stick Mod Plans & Progress


Hello denizens of the SRK Tech Talk forum!

I originally posted my question in the general Q&A thread, but while I got an answer, it only really spurred further questions, so thought that might warrant its own thread, plus being somewhere I can keep up to date with the progress of my latest mod plans as well as any future endeavors!

Basically I got given a free 360 Mad Catz Fight Stick Pro last week. Which is very handy, because the weekly tournament I have set up is all on 360’s and I only had a PS3 stick! My PS3 stick I just did a basic button remapping (as it came with SCV layout, not SF) and a new artwork/plexiglass - nice and simple. But this stick I’d like to go a little more all out on. I want to venture into something completely new, and try LED buttons!

So my initial question was to see if anyone could hook me up with an total begineers guides on such things, what kit I’d need and that sort of thing. While no guide was shown, I was pointed towards a Kaimana LED Board, and the Kaimana-J LEDs. I quickly did a google search, found the site that sells them, and my total soon came to $120+postage to UK (not including getting the artwork and plexiglass from artshobbies) which is more than I can afford in one hit - especially as I’m about to move house and have all the costs of that to deal with soon.

So plan A would be to go with the Kaimana setup, and I’d probably just get the Transparent Sanwa 30mm buttons now, and then get the other bits down the line when I’ve got some more spare cash.

Plan B is that there is a guy who works at the place where the USF4 tournament I’ve organised is held who has some unknown LED boards that he brought for a PC project a year or two back, because of his PC modding line of work it was cheaper for him to get a box of them rather than just the 2 he needed, he’s said he’ll bring one with him on Friday night so I can check (with you guys) if it’ll work. Then I’d just need to find some matching LEDs

Plan C would is to ask you more experienced folks what other options are available. Ideally I’d like to stick with Sanwa buttons if possible. While I appreciate that the Kaimana LED board might be the best and offer the most flexibility in fanciness, and from the sounds of it is what I’d like to go with, I’d like to at least see the alternatives myself.

One thing I do like about the RGB LED option is that I can have purple lighting, something I’ve yet to see in other options (could well be wrong).

Thoughts and feedback are greatly apreciated folks

  • Kuniku