Kuroda DVDs: Oro

anybody else see this? i got mine a few days ago and was dumb founded to see that kuroda doesn’t play a runaway game like most oro’s. he just turtles like he’s playing Q and get’s away with it. he doesn’t do anything new or crazy but he does fish for parries so he can do mk->command grab. it’s funny because in the first half of the dvd he options for that more than he does the mp. eventually he options to parry into chicken bnb later in the dvd.
interestingly, there was a lot of oro vs oro matches. i wish it displayed his opponents name’s to see if any of them were inoue/dirty/thanatos. the oros he played certainly were not bad at all.

I haven’t watched that one yet, but I noticed on the some of the other DVD’s he plays every character except Ibuki sort of like he does Q.

I got my dvds yesterday, but I haven’t seen the whole video yet. It was like he was playing Q. It’s different from all the other oros I’ve seen.

yeah he was playing Q disguised as Oro, lol. now i’m interested in the Makoto dvd. how does he play her?

The DVD’s are so long I haven’t gotten a chance to sit through a whole one yet. I’ve watched various matches from the Hugo, Necro, Ken, Dudley, Ibuki, and Q ones. He plays all of the similarly with a mix of turtling, baiting, and then all out aggression when the opportunity arises.

The best match I’ve seen so far was on the Ken DVD against an unknown Sean player. That Sean almost dominated him one set. Back and forth until Kuroda was able to make a comeback barely to hold on to his streak. Makes me wonder if it was Sean P, if he still plays. I’m gonna watch the Makato one next.

hmm. doesn’t he have a dvd for sean as well? i wonder if he has anything interesting to offer with sean…

i love how effective he makes three stone tengu.

i’ev personally never seen any oro use this so well. almost everytime he activates with his opponent in the corner, he does considerable damage. they just can’t get away.

and then he repeatedly (accidently) drops his opponent using five stone tengu. what a random guy.

I wonder if he does it on the EX version on purpose to make the damage scaling reset.

His ryu is ridiculous.