Kuroda Exhibition Videos


Kuroda is doing another ‘Kuroda exhibit’ this COMING THURSDAY.
Expect another stream from gsv. It will start at around 7pm Tokyo time.
Please look for me in it. :wonder:

This time, Kuroda is using… Oro.

For the upcoming weeks, each thursday Kuroda will be having his ‘Exhibit’ matches with a different character each week.


Wonder if he’ll troll people by using SA1 in one or 2 matches? Someone better record that stream, please.


Oro.Damn,I almost completely forgot about that character seeing as he is played so little in Japan out of all the solid mid tiers(next to Elena).

Kuroda playing him sounds very interesting,the character can rape if he gets momentum.I wanna see him use the huge level 3 power orb super at least once,just for maximum trolling.Maybe he will chip some one with it.


he’s gonna suck


I have his Oro DVD and he just turtles super hard and uses MK>command grab all day.

Hope he goofs around more and someone records it as I won’t be able to be there to check the stream.


Oro is an asshole.


I want to see this hyped up Urien.


There will also be danisen matches 1 hour~ before the Kuroda matches.


Where can we watch?


If this is really happening, i’m interested in seeing his yagyou mixups. It becomes easy to freestyle around with tengu once you get the hang of it, but yagyou takes more skill (not counting the basic chicken combo unblockable you’ve all seen ad nauseam).


Hopefully someone records it! :smiley:


Did someone record it? I wanna see if messed around like we all hoped he would!


There is still about 10 and a half hours until those matches start.

And yes, Kuroda will be there weekly on Thursdays for these exhibit challenges, with different characters.


Kuroda is having exhibit matches every week? Where is this? Sound interesting.

Edit: Yeah, I’d like to know where I can watch the stream too…

Edit 2: Nevermind what I said. :shake:


i know roshi is the king of 3rd strike trolls online at least, but if this is true anyone know where i can watch the stream?


if theres no link then its not true


just checked the game versus homepage as well as the game versus danisen page. no sign of it. he’s just trolling.

however there is a ST thing going down at versus that’ll be stream if anyones interested on the 30th.


Obviously someone needs to learn more and improve their Japanese.

Kuroda Oro matches are taking place in around 6 hours for those interested.


its probably gonna be the same guy talking about elena.


a link would be nice