Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


Something interesting I found recently on a FB 3S group (3rd Strike Junkies) showing an FT10 between Kuroda (MAK) and VANAO (RY). Besides, there is an interview (in Japanese), it will be good if someone can translate it for us here, it seems that there is a lot to know about what made him so pasionate about 3S.

FT10 is here :






Kuroda’s Makoto is pretty interesting to see. He plays her in a reserved way which you don’t often see from high level Mak’s.


I found his Makoto better than Tominaga’s one (just to compare with the current best Makoto SA2). He keeps his own play style (very strong defense, excellent execution) while adding more aggressiveness with the special grab.

Now this being said, I think the interview is more interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


holy shit at those psychic fukiages…


Think of the fight as being stuck within a circle with your opponent. You can move the fight but you cannot leave the fight or else you forfeit honor. That is how it is possible for those fukiages.

what I generally see the average player do in the situations where kuroda gets the psychic fukiage is that they leave the circle and choose to simply find a way to survive instead of continue with honor. What I mean by they leave the circle is that instead of facing the challenge and defeating it with something new , they challenge with what he anticipated and boom.

ps. Something to do against the difficult to parry fukiages is flying hitbox ( light attacks ) or falling hitbox ( attack that has most negative offset and causes a drop in altitude ). I say this because most of the difficult to parry fukiages are the ones where you like try to parry her as she’s winding up and where you try to parry at a particular marginal angle. So, anywhere but center. With the two techniques described above you will either be too much ball and hit makoto out of it, too small and it’ll miss, or you’ll fall back down too low for her to hit. I haven’t tested this yet I’m just sharing some experience.


vanao usin my color.
namijin 4 lyfe.

thanks for the link.


Tebbo. Check out the last maniax tourney. Namijin played so sick in prelims


oh fuck thanks for the heads up :smiley:
he has been in and out of a few things in the last year or so which is pretty awesome to see.

nice job btw! i saw your name and lold.
thats why you knew namijin was playing. you were there and played him.



but vanao shouldn’t be allowed to choose “diamond ryu”


Not enough baby blue and black Ryu’s. Both awesome colors


well,i use “first communion” ryu in super x (hp) and it’s undeniably super stylish
problem is,that outfit just doesn’t look right in 3rd strike (lp mk hp)
only magu is a fan and we all know that “magu is kinda wild”

so you’re left with dash / ce ryu (mp) , super x (lp) or diamond
i don’t like baby blue,sorry denjizz

ken and chun got the best wardrobes . . .


Yun has sick colors!

Lol at first communion


i do like the grey with purple.
if only because its super strange


is kuroda talking about kof 97 and kof 98?


These videos are helping improve my japanese ^_____^


I learn Japanese by watching JAV.


I’d pay to watch Kuroda and BAS talk about why SF4 sucks.


I can tell you what’d they’d say $10


Bas on facebook is literally either drinks with friends, off of work, new card for cammy to see if maybe now he likes the game, sf4 scrub masher game, o(`ω´ )o


That is literally all BAS says, he rags on SF4 almost every other post.

And I’m not up for translating all of the interview(yet), but Kuroda got his start into fighting games at KoF '97 when he was in 6th grade. His rival at the time was a guy named “Macho” who had a “90s Japanese female pro wrestler mullet”.