Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


kanipan is c.hk


In his fight against Atsushi he didn’t use unblockables with Urien ; against Pierrot he use Ryu’s SAI instead of SAIII.
It’s not trolling ; he knows and doesn’t need cheap tools to win, that’s it.
I’m sure if he play a new set with Oro he will never use unblockables either, because it’s broken and not even funny.


I thought you did fine against him Yuuki. If anything he seemed to get a little too careless with the s. HK x EX MGB at certain points.


I certainly hope there’s not too much guff. Maybe some of the Gen’eijin confirms/conversions could have been cleaner, but much of that is probably due to the nature of the super.
It was a solid showing overall, I think. People can and have done a lot worse against Kuroda.


I thought it was a solid match. I’m a nobody but I thought the level of play was great.

Any reason why Kuroda went with SA1?


I’m not an expert but my guess would be that it’s hard for Dudley to pin Yun down and also hard for Dudley to attack Yun (Yun’s low forward is great for zoning out Dudley). so you figure when Dudley has Yun knocked down in the corner he needs to convert that into as much damage as possible, since he might not get another chance. from watching the matches it seems like Kuroda often has a lot of meter but gets very few knockdown attack opportunities. given those two things I’d think you’d want the higher damage and aren’t concerned about the longer meter.

if I’m wrong or have too simplistic an understanding someone can correct me. but that’s my guess.


Lance is right, his theory is it’ll reduce the amount of okizeme he has to do once yun is knocked down.

since he chose not to use kanipan for okizeme, cr lk x2 x rocket upper is better than cork.

The only problem we figured out is dudley might not have a solution to punishing yuns neutral jump hp without cork.

I have a few other theories about why to choose cork or rocket upper but I want to test it out before saying it here.


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In his fight against Atsushi he didn’t use unblockables with Urien ; against Pierrot he use Ryu’s SAI instead of SAIII.


He’s used both Aegis unblockables and Denjin in past recorded DVDs.


Those dvd’s are from 5 years ago or more.

Players as well as 3rd strike is still changing and evolving


Very true, nice job against Kuroda. I think you did quite well. I see what you meant by the red parries.


He gets hit like I get hit!


first vid 13:21

No “kanipan” my ass

good set yuuki


That was a well played set. Looks like Kuroda is really taking a break for awhile. Next battle is still undetermined. I’m guessing another 2-3 months for next issue to come out.


I was talking about kuroda so its not off topic. To elaborate, it was interesting to see him get hit because he decided to walk up to incite action and always ate a low forward, ate a random high string of pokes or whiffed something funny because jump away action. It was almost like he was trying to learn something from his opponent based on the local style of play but instead was just being tricked out of his own set ups/situational understanding. It was very much apparent that Kuroda had no idea how this guy played but this guy had a ton of Kuroda’s tricks and set ups in mind. I’m thinking that maybe that’s why Kuroda decided to go with Dudley. It’s not too often you get to see him use Dudley.

Notice how yuuki tended to get the same kind of damage in consistently. He didn’t manage to win any of the early oki challenges in a string of oki situations and would always eat the same combo when defending at oki only to win a later oki challenge by doing something like wake-up jab,short, strong or cr strong/short -> dash punch after he managed to block one or two consecutive oki. Definitely signs of a bit of impatience on Kuroda’s part. Definitely strange behavior. I’m wondering what was going through his mind then.

And since kanipan was being mentioned, it was interesting to see that kanipan was always after the low forward parry, a bit to the right of mid screen and was either blocked because of yuuki super cancelling or it landed because yuuki cancelled into something slow.

It was definitely strange to see kuroda land a parry, hit a roundhouse and miss his cancel. Like there was something inhibiting his play, by a lot.

From the looks of it, it looked like yuuki felt he had a lot to prove while Kuroda was just trying to pin down yuuki and get it over with without exerting too much energy. I noticed yuuki would always take a step back and wait out action before deciding to do anything. As Yun I guess it’s plausible action for a win considering yun has a decent ranged cancel, the dash punch, and that leads to a pretty decent and free oki situation. I could see Kuroda was bored of that, especially after he stopped parrying low and made a push for the corner, where he would then attempt the same approach for a low parry. The only difference in the corner being that yuuki could no longer walk back and out of the way. I noticed that once that happened Kuroda managed to get most of the low forward parries in.

Pretty good matches. Hated seeing so many run away tactics but I guess “that’s how you play Yun”. Did like that geneii jin contingency, though. The zenpo, walk up cr strong/jab xx close forward, then, I think, it was jab shoulder, geneii jin runs out, close strong whiff, cr strong xx lk stair kicks. It sounded cooler than it looked.


Comparing yourself to Kuroda is off topic.


Yuuki you played a good set, very convincingly. I think Kuroda struggled a bit in the first part and your genei was on point
nice finishers outside of genei and after reset to get meter back, good job on that!
I think Kuroda picked rocket upper to prevent any genei pressure after u knock him down, corckscrew can lose to well spaced lows instead rocket is fullbody invincibility and does scary damage [plus crouch bonus] and he is not afraid of wakeup super lol

kanipan stuff -> lots of different ideas on my mind

question: whats was your approach to Kuroda dud when he had meter for his 50/50 game on your wakeup or after air resets?
you tought “ok no kanipan so i can block high all day from this range” or you still relied on your reaction times/alternate guard?




@LEVA thanks man. I have this theory that with rocket upper, dud can do dart -> super from a distance where even if dart gets parried yun can’t punish w/ TC (jab ends up being far jab). where as with cork dud has to be at a range where that can be a possible punish. Just a theory though not 100% positive. I agree with the rest of the reasons you said why he might use rocket upper.

I definitely felt like I don’t have to worry as much about low because no kanipan during his offense. I used a combination of reacting, just guarding high, guard jump or fuzzy guard. I should’ve just committed to guarding low or tried super hard to react sometimes though. It’s hard!

I was actually really surprised he didn’t use back swing blow. that would’ve definitely hit me sometimes.


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