Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


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So this started back up again with SFIV afew days ago.

Next match: vs SHO in 3rd Strike: http://wpb.shueisha.co.jp/2015/03/27/45685/4/


Thanks! Whew, I was gettin a little worried!


Anything interesting in the last interview ?


or not… I guess they discontinued this series. Oh well.


Any more information on this? Fucking sucks.


Not sure why they haven’t uploaded. I know they already filmed it and the results so I’ve been wanting to see it for awhile… pretty sure they will release it eventually, after all why film it and not release it?


Why would you think they discontinued the series?


Maybe because there hasn’t been an update in 2 months which has NEVER happened before (most was a month so it’s 100% behind REALLY SLOW schedule and 200% behind usual schedule of 2 weeks). In normal world terms it usually means it’s dropped.


So has Kuroda gone sbo now?


In the meantime I have found rare old Kuroda Q matches vs Ino and Matsuken if anyone is interested.


Also Kuroda vs RX (4 games)



Batman voice WHERE IS IT?! WHERE IS IT?!


Kuroda Q vs Matsuken is in the Kuroda Q DVD (around 1 hour mark - played about 3 games)
Kuroda Q vs Ino

Kuroda Q vs RX (40-43)


Hey denjizz, just because the same color of a character is used, it doesn’t mean it’s the same specific player. Just a heads up


No way. White Ken must always be Daigo!


Btw congrats on beating vanao


if you beat Vanao in the runback I will defend you/say nice things about you on SRK and 3SJ forevermore

if you lose I will say “lol Denjizz”



Kuroda (Yang) vs SHO (Yun) FT10