Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


…and it was totally worth the wait! What an amazing set!


Watching very first round and is like… Kuroda playing weird in anyone else eyes?

0:29 - No throw tech. Maybe he was trying something so we’ll let that slide.
0:36 - Does the command grab into a cr.mk and nothing else… the hell? Is it because he was too far away for the rekka to connect after the cr.mk?
0:47 - Hits cr.lk x 2 but doesn’t connect the ex rekkas. What’s the reason here?
0:51 - Gets him into juggle state but does nothing after it. Surely you can juggle from there?


I feel happy for Kuroda. Hope he gets his life together now, with the job assistance.


After our match, Vanao approached and asked me to join his team for next year’s 5v5 coop cup.
Just him mentioning the names I would be apart of made me feel so honored :’(


Sorry to contribute to derailing the thread for a minute but out of curiosity did you give vanao the rematch he wanted?


Hey what a second… If Denjizz beat Vanao, and I managed to go mostly even with Denjizz, and I beat Yuki a couple times, and according to Metric online is totally legit… You know what this means? I MADE IT! I’M UP THERE WITH THE GREAT ONES YO! FUCK YO WIKI PAGES!




@yuuki They played again Saturday night in another FT3, where Denjizz won 3-1. They then asked for another FT5 runback, to which he declined.


And no, I’m not sure if that FT3 was recorded or not. I’d assume so…


Nah I declined playing for $50. And just said $20 is fine. That’s before our set on Sat


Can some translate?

Is Kuroda homeless?


The only answer i can think of is that only Kuroda knows lol

cuz yes cr.mk could’ve connected into slash but he didn’t go into it. With the 2x lk, it’s possible he tried a 3rd cr.lk but missed the timing and went into EX after. And of course after the st.mk he def couldve juggled but yeah it’s Kuroda so it’s hard to tell what his idea was in the match since he simply stood there and walked forward. At first it’s interesting to wonder what type of ideas he has but then i remember he can make a simple idea of walking forward and blocking seem like brilliant novelty lol


He’s not, but has money issues since long ago.

It’s discusting to think about it, because there’s a lot of people around him, for what ? More fame, certainly.
He’s, after all, the 3s God, and a lot of people respect him as a player, but nobody help him in real life, about real problems.

The guy has so much to share about fighting game mechanics, that he should work since long ago for a major company like Capcom or Arc Sys.
When I see the Topanga staff invited him to play 3S and so on, drinking juices, talking about Capcom’s games etc, while the guy is such in a hard situation, it makes me sick.

The FGC, just like any other game comunity is full of fucking hypocrite people and this is the best proof.


How on earth is the FGC hypocritical for as you are pretty much saying in paraphrase form, “not paying his bills?”. With that logic, every Street Fighter player should get their bills paid by some of the rich FGC members, me included. Just because you are good at a video game doesn’t mean you should have your bills paid by other people, that’s not how the world works… lol.


Is he legit struggling or just doesn’t want to work in the service industry ?
on topic is the series concluded?


Okay, read up the article. Here’s a summary:

  • The title of the story is “No. 1 Bum”
  • Kuroda really is going through rough times. He can’t pay his phone bill(he directly asked the writer of the article for money to pay for that) and the current job he has isn’t enough to even pay his rent. He has no father, and his mother doesn’t even work. He’s already preparing himself for the worst possible situation of being homeless by taking his toothbrush, because he hates cavities.
  • Discussing what kind of jobs he’d like to have: He said he tried out for being a security guard of some sort. He failed the interview because of his health issues. Another job that he may or may not be joking about is being a spy who peeks around at people in stores who may be shoplifting. In terms of jobs that he can’t do: any place that he can’t get to with his bike, as well as jobs where he needs to directly speak with customers. He apparently had a job as an extra for some TV drama though, but never saw himself on the air since he can’t watch TV at home.
  • He’s apparently been planning to go to Evo(not sure if this year or next) because of cash prizes, but he doesn’t even have a passport at the time of this interview. The interviewer tells him to go through the process immediately, but more importantly a better job to both support himself and fly to Evo.

So the reason why there hasn’t been a new Kuroda article and FT10 was simply because they couldn’t get a hold of him.


Maybe we should start a Go Fund Me for Kuroda?


Are we talking about you ?
We are talking about a guy who knows everything about 3S.
He’s legit to give Capcom advises IMO, but even if he can’t, there’s a ton of players around him, no one help him to get a job.

hallelujah FGC.
Full of great, nice and kind people.


It’s unfortunate that he’s having problems yes, but expecting a whole community of people to help him just because he’s good at 3s is kind of dumb. If it bothers you that much you personally should donate money to him or help him find a job.


A community isn’t supposed to help their members when they need to ?
I guess we have a totally different definition of what a community is.
I highly suggest you to read the definition here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community

You may learn something important.

And that is exactly my plan.


You do that. While you’re at it you should do the same for every other person in the FGC who has money issues since they need help as well and as you said, a community is supposed to help their members.