Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


What a childish reaction.
No need to be susceptible like that buddy.

I give my support to someone who need.
You give what ? Nothing except agressivity and sarcasm, great.

Beside if I follow your logic I would never help anybody.
Hopefully I’m different.


I’ll take some money of anyone wants to give it to me. I’m broke as shit.


A top tier player in financial trouble, this isn’t something unique. Wasn’t Sanford close to being homeless once?


I know a couple of people who’d be down to donate to help him out if possible. Anyone have any contacts in Japan that can get the money directly to him?

Negativity is good in a community cause it tells you who you should ignore. People like that won’t have anything to say if no one listens :smiley:


They should get all the dudes who mastered a street fighter title and just let em live in capcom’s building or something :confused:
Like those evo niggas that place high should get somethin for spending that much time and energy learning all that stuff lol.


Good, can’t wait to see how much effort you’ll put to help him beside writing comments on a near empty forum…


Sanford has been homeless. For being a dumbass and sticking with triforce for so long, instead of at least finding an fg gig that actually paid. He crashed on triforce’s couch.

You can ask rKf on twitter. his handle is k_6presents


I’ve sent rKf a message on twitter re: PayPal to send him some ¥.

If he’s OK with it I’ll put it out there properly.


I suspect Kuroda is the kind of name that r/kappa would fly in to Evo.


Kuroda is a tortured artist and he could use a few patrons. I will donate a bit once someone who is more organized than me is able to make the appropriate connections. Many of us will throw at least a few bucks in I’m sure. His contributions to the evolution of the game we all love are undeniable.


Could be tricky though, I’m sure he is proud.


I like that his dream is to become a secret shopper. Not sure why he thinks going to Evo will make him money, he’s terrible at SFIV.


I don’t normally pay much attention to the personal lives of top players (why would you?) but Kuroda is such an interesting character. I hope he can get himself together.


Iboki = Louiscipher

On a more relevant note, a little donation probably won’t help anyone in the long term, unless you help him become self supporting.


Lol, I’m not louis. Kind of offended the connection was made.


Patreon for monthly/ more frequent 3s matches!


Yo, seriously? I would totally pay a nominal monthly fee in exchange for access to a regular stream of Kuroda grinding out 3s against people.


Yeah I would absolutely pay money for that.


It only makes sense. He’s the worlds greatest in this game. He should at least be making dough out of something he’s so good at. I emailed them. Let’s see if they respond


if there is a way to donate count me in