Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


If he played SF4 or I guess 5 now he wouldn’t have any trouble making some money.
Even if it was all untranslated if he streamed on twitch i’m sure he could get tons of subscribers with his playing skills alone.

3S is just not a way to make supplemental cash.


Kuroda should play SF5. Stream dat shit over Japanese Wifi. Maybe play some Dark Souls.


deleted lol


Kuroda VS poverty

A translation or a summary of the interview would be really appreciated!



The interviewer actually decided to buy two passes for EVO: one for himself, and one for Kuroda(including entry for SF4). They haven’t bought airfare yet, though it seems like he’s up for sponsoring the entire ordeal for Kuroda.

The kicker: Kuroda suddenly has a huge change of heart and says he doesn’t want to go to EVO. He starts making up excuses like “my sickly condition could worsen if I go” and “just thinking of the word ‘foreign country’ is giving me an allergic reaction”. Money is obviously not an issue, and the interviewer is stressing that this isn’t about trying to win or even forcing him to interact with people all that much. For some reason Kuroda has massive jitters about all of this and says he doesn’t want to go. One thing to note is that Kuroda has never been anywhere outside of Japan, so if anything he could be incredibly nervous about traveling abroad.

Hopefully we’ll be getting an update on the issue next week.


Yeah, I get the picture!


He’s a weird dude. Best of luck to him.


there goes potential golden Hooters 3S footage


Such a shame! North American audiences are deprived of such a talented player. However, whether his health concerns are legitimate or it’s a complex/phobia of some sort it seems like Kuroda’s own worst enemy is himself. I hope he find a way to channel his talent into a weekly stream or something of that nature so more players can be exposed to his talents. I would have loved to see him body players at Igloo Bob’s Hooters 3S event and we all know North American players would show him a good time.


I definitely saw his name in the SF4 bracket. I am not certain though.


So much insecurity, I feel sorry for the guy despite his reputation. Trying not to put too much feelings here, Kuroda is the best 3S player in the world and I enjoy watching him playing, period.


He would probably make so much money just off regular EVO attendees who’d just want a chance to play him. Oh well.




New article is coming out in 2 days


When you see the U.S crowd acting like monkeys it doesn’t particulary gives you the envy to join such tourneys tho…
Beside there’s no challenge for him at that point at Third Strike, so except for SF4 and GG - which would be great to see him play the last game mentioned again after a decade -, I don’t think he has much to do at Evo since his skill at sf4 is on Jyobin’s level : very good, but far to be on Sako or Daigo’s level…

And indeed, he’s registered to the SF4 tourney, but like many others, he can canceled at any time for any reasons.


Keep this racist shit to yourself.




I agree he should at least test the waters and try SFV. I imagine he would appreciate it on some level and even if he doesn’t he could still earn some fight money to fuel a few more years of competitive 3S play. The Dark Souls thing sounds strange, but seeing how Kuroda seems to have his own honour code when it comes to fighting games…he would probably fit in quite well. Too bad there is no real competitive community for that game cause it’s hella fun (but I understand the myriad of reasons as to why).

Any official word on if he is actually going to brave the great unknown and make it to EVO this year?


Nothing close to racism, it’s just annoys many people including myself to see and heard a crazy crowd like the U.S one, at least for the Street Fighter 4 scene.
Do I have the right to do so ? Wonder who’s racist here…

Anyway, any news for the Kuroda stuff guys ?
I do not have any so far :confused:


2 days ago
New article is coming out in 2 days