Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


Yes it’s scheduled to be out today, so it’s probably gonna be up soon


Of course you have the right.
It’s always telling when someone needs to bring up ‘rights’ to support or explain their position.

It annoys you to see excited people? Go fuck yourself.


Why don’t you watch MMA? Dont’ you think that reacting to MMA outside of watching the matches is hype just the same as it is while you’re watching it. It kinda puts me off to see people hyping shit just for the sake of the hype. I kinda agree with him but I haven’t read his post so maybe he said something a little more racist than I am thinking he did.

So when’s the fly over to cali for inspection of the new estate? I would drive up to bring you down and do it again a second time if you did. Come on !


From what I’ve seen in the brackets for Ultra today, it looks like he did go to Evo(if this is the same Kuroda). Got peaced out early though, couldn’t get out of his bracket.


You wanna talk about excessive and annoying hype noise, look no further than the commentator on any Japanese tournament.


Being excited is one thing, screaming and chanting “USA, USA, USA” all day long is another.
Can people stay a bit more quiet ? Is that difficult to american people to keep their emotion inside and to not acting like animals ?
And don’t you think it can slightly distract the foreigners, no matter where they come from ?

No…of course you don’t…

@NG 1313
They are commentators !!! It’s their job to do so !!! If they can’t bring serious content, hype and stuff related, what’s the purpose ?
Beside, it doesn’t distract anyone in the end of the day unlike a loud crowd…


Went out with a whimper :frowning:


I think if you’re going to go to a foreign venue or even just watch a foreign stream of that venue, you should probably respect the culture of the people who are putting on the venue for you.

You know, when in Rome…

So Kuroda did go, but no one knew until he was there. Kind of sucks. I would have thought someone could have helped get him in contact with the 3S crowd to help make his stay a little less stressful. I imagine the majority of the SF4 entrants had no idea who he was which is crazy…


Mmm not sure about that. I would say he registered without going there. Many 3S players have attended EVO this year (Nuki, Kokujin and many others), I doubt no one noticed Kuroda or the guy was wearing a Q mask. I will ask on Twitter.


New article? http://wpb.shueisha.co.jp/2015/07/20/50978/


I heard he went, heard nothing about his stay. I take that to mean he wasn’t there. These guys will talk about anyone, so long as it means they stay informed about the scene. I also can’t imagine Ryan wouldn’t have heard about it.


First thing it says in the article is his health was bad, so he didn’t go to EVO. There you go.


I’d imagine it would be tough for Kuroda to not get noticed at all at Evo. Someone would recognize him.


New interview: http://wpb.shueisha.co.jp/2015/07/31/51539/


More stuff about work and family. Next article in 2 weeks.


Aku - can you translate this?

Thanks a lot =)


New interview. No new video :frowning:


Myself and others have tried contacting that shitty magazine but they never responded back.


They haven’t mentioned anything about videos in a long time. Did anything come out of making a Gofundme or whatever for Kuroda?
Also, next artilcle in 2 weeks


This week he talks about how his friend let him borrow a tablet for communicating, more stuff on his personal life and job searching.

I don’t know if he’ll ever accept charity in money. He has this weird level of pride to him where he swears he’d never borrow money, but his own personal problems are keeping him from finding a decent job for himself. Considering his current situation, 3S is probably the last thing on his mind these days.