Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine



Anyone know what this is about?


Damn kuroda looks like he is on meth…lol


don’t know what the video is from but Kuroda is telling a story about Ogawa (guilty gear player). Basically he spits while talking and likes to talk real close to the other person. Kuroda said he’s walked out of a store by backing up over and over to make space while talking lol.

Then he said something about poongko but I don’t remember and don’t want to watch it now. Something about him spilling ice cream on Kuroda once cause he’s also a close-talker.


If I see him again I want to do a ft10 in super Mario kart. So down lol



Lol thanks for clarifying.




Kuroda looks like a japanese Macaulay Culkin.


Anybody know what this is about?


New interview.


Google translating those interviews gives some predictably hilarious results.


Kuroda did a 3S tutorial stream on his niconico community. You’ve seen some of the video captures posted on here before, those are from that community.

New interview was about how Kuroda spent the summer. Most of the time he was napping because of the extreme heat. A lot of anger this time around, towards his mom, trolls on the internet(specifically 2ch, though from what I’ve seen Mayon is likely the only one talking shit about him), the process of job interviews, so on and so forth.


I can’t help but wonder how/why these kuroda interviews started in the first place. The idea sounds so bizarre on paper. (kuroda+girly mags+expository interviews)

For me personally Kuroda videos used to be one of my biggest inspirations, he shows you how to not get hit with efficient spacing, and generally punishes with the coolest optimal combos. Now I feel like his style represents exactly why I don’t like 3rd though.


I have the tutorial videos if anyone wants them.


I would be terrified to face Kuroda in Mario Kart! I’d fuck him up but still the damage he’d do when we got back to third strike. Also I would donate to help him out if anyone starts that.


New interview.


It is pretty weird that they’re just following up on the randomest things (His health in this one) and that it seems they’ve settled into a cycle lol. Either this magazine doesn’t have many features or they like Kuroda a lot. Btw what is that about 2ch trolling him?




Was he showing like trip guard parry?
Low attacks unless you wait a moment if they air parried and it’s still within the window get parried even if they’re grounded?


Which part?


Around 5 minutes.