Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


Think that’s just empty jump low parry.


Me too.
I didn’t notice Ryu crouch for an instant when he was recording it the first time.


New article


Uh, this time they interviewed his mom along with him. ??lol


Man someone translate these things please.


Dankah should’ve hooked up Kuroda with that patreon/donation fund for 3s videos, that everyone was trying to contact him about.

Now poor dude has to suffer some more.


This time they actually had the interview at Kuroda’s house(or at least outside of it), with the interviewer directly speaking to Kuroda’s mother. She seems to confirm a lot of things that his son mentioned, without getting into too much details.


This guy is such an interesting character.


New interview.


No mention of another one in this one.


someone translate someone translate



How is his skin so nice


I been telling you to fix your diet a don’t stop juicing. Men you dont even listen to me.


And invest in some collagen.


New interview.


Never tried collagen before. Does it really help???


Kuroda may have a traditional asian diet that incorporates a lot of the things Westerners waste like bones and innards tendons etc.
They retain the stuff that’s high in collagen. But we have to supplement.

I don’t need it cause my skin is already smooth like Andy Lau but I still take Biocell Collagen. It’s backed up quite heavily.


I will look into this Biocell Collagen some more. Gonna give it a try for joints and skin care.


…is this some kind of nutritional pills or whatever?