Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


Biocell Collagen is liquid.

Collagen itself is something that everyone naturally has but can be reduced due to aging first of all, I have read studies showing we start to taper off in collagen around our 30s . We can also lose collagen but also the environmental bs that is prominent especially in America, smoking or drinking, bad diet, lack of exercise etc. It’s found in your joints and keeps them healthy / active and also found in your skin to keep skin looking young without the pizza look or wrinkles etc and keeps it firm. Also helps with body tissues for flexibility, elasticity. Also supports healthy nails, gums, hair, eyes.

Biocel Collagen is a liquid that not only contains collagen, it is more multidimentional. It has Type 2 Collagen as well as other important things like Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine and Proteoglycans. These are OTHER important things that is in the body and it diminishes as we get older, or maybe diminishes due to poor habits or diet. Symptoms of lacking those are things like bad posture, hunch back, pain, joins star to rub together ( lose the cartilage ).

Biocell Collagen comes in a form of nutraceutical drink containing all those mentioned, as well as 13 “superfruits” that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These fruits include acai berries, mangoesteen, jujube, Lycium fruit, grapes.

There is even resveratrol in it, which reduces aging effects and takes care of your heart. Resveratrol is found in wine and win is drunk a lot by the French and is an important reason as to why they live a healthier lifestyle in general, especially compared to americans. Actually, one serving ( which is about 2 ounces ) is equal to the amount of resveratrol found in two bottles of red wine.

Biocell Collagen is higher tier because it is much more multi dimensional than any other Collagen product.

You can check online to for more info or testimonials either in forums or video. Biocel Collagen is also backed up by many clinical trials
You can look up all this stuff online or start here




Yeah, color me skeptical. Unless there’s something I’ve very clearly missed about the amino acid layout of collagen chains, there’s absolutely no reason why the collagen wouldn’t get broken down to it’s building blocks (i.e. amino acids) in the stomach before it’s transported elsewhere. Actually it has to be broken down before it’s transported elsewhere afaik, and then re-synthesized in the cells before it’s secreted into the extracellular matrix and used for structural purposes. Considering collagen is also comprised of mostly nonessential amino acids (glycine and proline in particular), it also shouldn’t make a difference between ingesting collagen and most other proteins, since the body can make most of the building blocks on its own.

Also, the statement about reservatrol being an “important reason” to why the French are healthier than Americans is plain wrong. By far, the biggest reason for health differences are due to the amount of ridiculous amounts of sugar (and salt, I believe, though I’m not completely positive on that one) found in most american food compared to other countries. For example, what’s considered regular, everyday bread here in Norway is something you need to buy from specialized stores in the US.

Though to be fair, the drink you’re talking about doesn’t sound unhealthy by any means, and using it to replace something else in an otherwise unhealthy diet is probably a good idea. My problem is that I can’t see how it’s as amazing as advertised, and I suspect its pretty overpriced.

(for the record, I’m a molecular biologist)


I understand. It’s always good to be skeptical about things and question them at first, which is what I do when I run into anything new. That’s why I encourage individuals who is interested to look up the people who have already taken it, the proven results and numerous studies backing up Biocells Collagen formula, that is really all it comes down to in the end.

We can bring up science about collagen itself or the rest of the formula and go back and forth, but the question is, does it work or not for what it’s advertised to work for? studies and testimonials shows that it does. For me personally it’s just a prevention measure, but it has literally worked as advertised for a family member, which is the reason why I got interested in it in the first place.

Also don’t forget, Biocells Formula is not only Collagen, it’s a multidimensional blend of many things, which is a part of what makes it superior.


You need skincare products containing ceramides too as you get older


That reminds me of organic chemistry which my friend the neurobiology major (grad, not doctorate) said is some really intense stuff. I ended up going to art school and into the creative industry instead of pursuing biology. Too much of a slacker in high school :expressionless:
Much respect!


I come here every half year for a visit but never got as disappointed as with this recent skincare discussion of you guys…


New interview.

I wonder if we’ll ever get another FT10 video (especially the Gouki one!). I need my Kuroda Gouki fix :frowning:
At least the interview series is still alive…so there’s hope.


that interview sounds kinky.

I see butts, nipples, handjobs, on google translate


Looking through the article, I just have this (゜Д゜) face right now.
Apparently Kuroda was taken to some massage parlor(the happy end kind) thanks to shupure. He basically talks about the experience in the first half. This week was basically him discussing girls, female friends, etc.


That’s ma boi Kuroda! Triple tatsu that ass




or (game audio I presume)



Merry Xmas guys. This is a good present.

Kuroda on that egg nog

EDIT: double posted commentary


It’s a Christmas miracle!
Oh man it’s Ushi!?!
It looks like you posted the commentary track twice but only part 2 of the set.


Kuroda’s Ibuki sure isn’t doing well in this ft10 series
I think he plays her too “clean”, she needs more jungle factor.

Btw Ushi’s Yun is sick, I miss his Urien but he’s still a beast


Clean textbook performance with some added bonuses by ushi!? His urien was great and I kinda wish he stuck with him but hes transferred really well to yun.


Anyone knows what he’s talking about here?



My scrubby eyes tell me Ushi was always a few steps ahead in the mind games


New article. Kuroda [VS psychiatrist]

I have no idea what’s going on…


This one seems really interesting, maybe from a fanboy perspective.


Kuroda (Dudley) vs Haitani (Makoto) FT10