Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


Shit cant wait to watch this


doesn’t look like the Kuroda we used to know. I don’t want to undervalue Haitani -he’s amazing- but Kuroda looked impatient, almost nervous


I think he mightve lost the edge he used to have where he always won those critical clutch situations almost 100% and that shows - he lost a lot of rounds you didnt expect him to lose really. The matches where it comes down to just a bit of health on both sides those are the ones you always expect kuroda to win and this time he didnt come out on top of a lot of times.


He still played great imo…but yeah, I agree. Also some uncharacteristic execution errors which cost him a few rounds/matches vs Haitani.
He definitely seemed a bit off in his last three sets (he also lost his last three sets, although his set vs SHO was really really close, but he also had some strange drops).


My favorite excerpt from the interview that followed, where he talks about Dudley’s launcher:
Kuroda: "I think it’s embarrassing for a boxer to deal damage with that kind of setup. I care about appearances, so I watch out for that."
Interviewer: "So you think his cr.HK looks lame?"
Kuroda: "I guess you can say I want to fight like a proper boxer."
Interviewer: "But weren’t you using it in combos?"
Kuroda: "…"
Haitani: “lol”

And I’ll agree with some odd execution errors, but Haitani had some very good reads here and there.


there are still about 50 great dudley things one can take away from that set. well played from both players but all it takes is for one player to be on fire that day. intentional seichuusen trade with the rose into a full jump in combo was nuts. btw, that midscreen dudley combo is harder than it looks. there was a time when it was practically a thing of legend but kuroda landed it almost every time here.


I don’t think he’s got bad, just other players are catching up. I want some Gouki soon though.


You guys expect way too much of Kuroda/overestimate. The man is playing against one of the greatest fighting game players of all time ( Haitani isn’t labeled one of the 5 gods for no reason ). Haitani is also I think the best sa1 makoto, I don’t think mimora can even contend that. Actually if you were to take away super arts, hatanis base play with makoto I feel surpasses the likes of tominaga and others, he just a superior “player” and from what I been seeing in recent game versus vids, his clutch muscle is steroid like.

Kuroda is using a character that he does not main and not only that, and not only that but he nerfs himself by not using none of dudleys 2 sweeps in neutral, it may not look like a big deal to some people but it’s self imposing a big disadvantage, it just looks like it’s not a big deal because he makes up for it cause hes that good, but I’m sure the set would be closer if he was not nerfing his dudley like a moron.

Talking about boxers don’t fight like that… yet he was using uoh and boxers don’t fight with their elbows so why are you using uoh? Don’t use uoh to while your at it, or even jump hk for that matter.

But besides that, Kuroda is great cause he can use many characters at a top Japanese level, but don’t expect him to be able pick random and consistently beat top level players in ft10s who’s using battle hardened characters they have been sharpening for years against other top Japanese men.

Kuroda got more games than what I expected.


This dude just refuses to play Gouki huh…


Dudley’s sweep is retarded, I can understand why he tried to avoid using a tool that a boxer should not have (worst than elbow tho, elbow is used in thai at least, sweep does not even exists !) and kind of broken in 3S.
Moreover, it’s just the way Kuroda plays : with handicap and taking the characteristics of his char. in mind.
He has done this many times during these FT10 : against Pierrot (usingRyu), Atsushi (using Urien), Yuuki (using Dudley) etc…

Only him can handicap himself like that, removing what makes a character very strong or what doesn’t not suits a character, and that’s why people love him after all.
Just look at Kuroda playing Urien with Aegis unblockables and it’s not even entertaining, it’s useless for his opponent, it’s just robotic.
I feel he must be bored as fuck to win this way, and from things I do remember, he said once he was no using unblockables anymore because it was not fun, especially against lower skilled players, which unfortunately represents 99,99% of his opponents.
Anyway, the same can be said between 2011/2012 with his Oro, not a lot of unblockables set-up except against Chuns (Nuki once), which seems fair because this MU is a pain, much more harder than Q vs Makoto…

Arguably, Oro, with unblockables is A+ tier.
It’s just sad most players don’t use him at his max potential, except Kuroda IMO.
Dirty back then, and Thanatos - eventually Hirochan - are the players the most close, but still aren’t on the fundamental mastery of Kuroda.

One more thing to add, I think this may be the last set in this serie tho, there’s nothing about hypothetical FT10 in a near futur.

Hopefully, I’m wrong, and a FT10 against Boss, Orona, Deshiken, Kokujin, Nuki, Hayao will be revealed once day, it would be dope :slight_smile:

Can you imagine :

  • Kuroda Ryu vs Boss Ken ;
  • Kuroda Remy/Sean vs Orona Elena ;
  • Kuroda Ken vs Deshiken Ken ;
  • Kuroda Gouki vs Kokujin Dudley ;
  • Kuroda Urien/Ken vs Nuki Chun ;
  • Kuroda Oro/Hugo vs Hayao Hugo.

It’s already a miraculous legagy so far, but with hope it may continue a little bit longer :slight_smile:


I have to disagree with this. The unblockable setups arent that hard to deal with - I have a strong feeling that if the top players came across an oro player who was very proficient both with the yagou dama unblockables and landing the hits to start those unblockables they would look into how to parry/red parry out.


Not using something in Street Fighter because it’s unrealistic… FUCKING LOL


Kuroda is past his prime. He’s thinking more of how to sustain his life past pixels and gaming. This man had already sacrificed 15 years of his soul to this game.


It would be interesting to hear what does he feel about SFV as a 3S top player.


Past his prime why?


“He’s thinking more of how to sustain his life past pixels and gaming. This man had already sacrificed 15 years of his soul to this game.”

/\ Exact Lee

Come on men, why do you think he is in such a rut now? You think these skills came naturally? The man should of divided at least 1/4 of the 27 hours a day he would practice and think about the game in his prime to working on life. ( prime as in time on your hands and passion for the game and not seeing anything else in life, not necessarily some sort of physical or mental decline )

But if he did that, that would mean he would have only practiced 20.25 hrs a day, which is far from enough to become Kuroda… but then he would not be in such a rut, but then he would not be Kuroda.

What would you do if you were there when Kuroda was in his prime? Watching him study Riki Q so earnestly, specific reflex training versus CPU, trying to find answers even in baseball to relate to the game, etc… would you be a real pal/buddy and tell him to take a break and focus a bit more on life?, or would you marvel at his skill and determination while knowing he is going down the wrong path?

***Are you willing to sell your soul for 3rdstrike?***, forget your family, forget your friends, forget success, forget the future, forget your hot wife and practice 27 hours a day and become the best with every character?

Do you guys not see why Kuroda decided to main Oro in his late 3s career? because he had an epiphany, a sudden realization, he stopped and looked at himself, his life and his circumstances, and saw that… he BECAME Oro, the embodiment of Oro himself. Everything about him reflected Oroness.

What do you want, to be Kuroda-Like or to be some mediocre player with a better life? pray on it and think about it.

Like the announcer says…

“choose and pick the best one”***


You guys are trippin.

There’s a world of difference between haitani makoto and everyone else.

You guys only look at the wins and losses but don’t see the big picture.

Kuroda doesn’t do this to show his dick size and say “see I can beat anyone”

He does these gachis for entertainment and learning experience.


Life being in a rut is a different subject. Yes maybe he shouldnt have spent so long mastering 3s… but my question is about right now - is he past his prime?

I dont think so. His game doesnt appear any less amazing than it ever was.


I don’t know about him being past his prime, but being depressed about his lot in life must factor into his play.


bunch of weird as fuck comments…
you guys are creepy.

you remember why we play games right?
win or loss is irrelevant if it was enjoyable.

these are two awesome players having some fun.