Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


Do you guys not see why Kuroda decided to main Oro in his late 3s career? because he had an epiphany, a sudden realization, he stopped and looked at himself, his life and his circumstances, and saw that… he BECAME Oro, the embodiment of Oro himself. Everything about him reflected Oroness.

So true lol


That reminds me of this



Come on man, if homelessness was a major concern of yours, it has to influence your play. I’d hardly call that weird .


He lost to SHO, Ushi, and Haitani. Saying he lost to them because “he’s past his prime” and “he’s slipping” is doing those guys a huge disservice.


I couldn’t agree more. Plus you guys were certainly not echoing these sentiments when he beat MOV.

I think haitani would have beaten kuroda in a ft10 at pretty much any stage of the game 2008 or later regardless of character. Secondly who cares, kuroda is great. One of the absolute best, but that’s it . So are Haitani, and Match. That’s the point. Just because he does sick shit and people call him some urban legend doesn’t matter when he is up against equally good players. Kuroda, Nuki, MOV, etc… they are going to beat each other and all the time spent arguing his case as the “one true 3s God” seems silly.

I feel like it unfairly inflates his skills both positively and negatively, while simultaneously dismissing the skill of his contemporaries.

Also unfortunately in the “inspirational” quote above it states there are two types of people while listing three.

Also I hardly think if Kuroda was bordering on homelessness he would be doing interviews and playing these sets and such. I’m being presumptuous, but not as much as you guys fearing your hero being tossed into the streets. I live in DC and while there are a multitude of variables to consider. I’d still say Kuroda doesn’t appear to fit the “homeless person” billing just yet.


I made the initial comment about Kuroda looking not as good as usual, but didn’t mean to stir this mess nor (as I wrote!) didn’t mean to underestimate Haitani.
I didn’t look at the score but more at the mistake rate which was higher than usual. Even if he was at 100% probably Haitani would have won this ft10 regardless, since he won the mind battle.


If homelessness is a major concern you probably need to reorganize your life a bit and spend your time more wisely.
What I mean is people are looking too deep and over-analyzing.


Basically what tebbo and aku said.

One of the best fighting game players of all time, who is incidentally an exceptional 3S player, beat the God of 3S in an FT10, when said God didn’t play his main and purposefully didn’t use one of his best normals because he thinks it looks dumb. CALL THE NEWSPAPERS GUYS

Sounds pretty silly, right?


Only sounds silly if you weren’t talking about Kuroda - people have very high expectations regarding him whenever and whoever he plays. It’s always been fun to observe the sort of aura Kuroda has especially amongst the people who have just a passing intrest in high level 3s as most of these people seem to think Kuroda is untouchable.


In 3rd Strike nobody is untouchable. It’s built into the nature of the game. One of the things that makes it truly great and gives it such longevity.

Also a reason why Kuroda has such mystique around him. Prior to the last few years he won so consistently. His skill and dedication created the illusion of invincibility.

Can you blame casual followers from becoming enamoured?


Anyone have a translation?



wow,he hates umehara but still decided to join his hollywood / pro from the couch bullshit ?
that’s really quite sad
umehara is the king of the sell outs army so no surprise there but uncle K ? damn
but,yeah,i guess those sf4 sets for playboy were foreboding

i liked how things were pre sf4 / “modern” era :
no big ass headphones so you could immerse yourself in shitty boring fighting games while looking ridiculous
shitty games you have to play so you can find a sponsor that will fly you out to EVO,the biggest console tournament in the universe
tougeki > cow manure > evo

but,yeah,translation please


There was one more article published a few months back.
Some brief translations:

  • Kuroda admitted not adapting to SF4 all that well. He didn’t really get the same feelings he got while playing 3S.
  • Regarding his fight vs Tominaga Makoto: “To be honest, I underestimated him pretty hard, so I didn’t bother practicing.”
  • His personal favorite set was vs MOV Chun: “In all the sets I played for 3S, I didn’t really like most of them. Sure I won a lot of them, but next time they’ll know what to do against me because I opened everything up. In the MOV set, that was the only time I felt confident he wouldn’t be able to counter this next time.”
  • He really hates 2ch and the trolls that talk shit about him.
  • Some more talks about his relationship with his mother, as well as the debt. More or less the same as last time.
  • He says he’ll try out SF5, but also mentions that he wants to take a sabbatical from games in general(remember this article was posted a few months back).
  • He also finally says that he’s thankful for shupure for the interviews. He says that it’s helped him out a bit with money and his mother’s condition has gotten better as a result.

Regarding the video, it’s pretty long so I won’t have time to translate the whole thing. He’s talking surprisingly friendly with Daigo, even not using formal speech despite the age difference. From what I’ve heard over the years about his personality, not to mention his attitude and mannerisms on video, Kuroda seems to have mellowed out and became more open.


My God! Where has Kuroda been??


he was in the tokyo button mashers major not too long ago. almost made it out of pools.


@aku Thanks for the translation summaries. So weird to see Daigo as famous as he is. Good for him, though I have a hard time rooting for him anymore. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Also, would love to see Kuroda try SFV.


Daigo and Kuroda seem to be friends, where does this hate talk come from? Here’s a video with subtitles.



It comes from Kuroda’s various actions and anecdotes. He’s specifically mentioned his encounters with Daigo in the past and how prickly he seemed.

We’re not pulling this shit out of our asses just to shit talk. There have been various stories over the years about Kuroda’s personality.

And yes, they’re getting along fine these days. People change. Kuroda seems to have mellowed out. Like I mentioned a few posts back.


I would hope he’s mellowed out.
The Japanese dudes are all like mid 30s by now.

an aside:
that video also illustrates something really funny i remember learning about japanese thought/language from talking with them.
their specificity even when discussing something completely abstract.


[quote=“Caio, post:617, topic:168881”]

Daigo and Kuroda seem to be friends, where does this hate talk come from? Here’s a video with subtitles.


Is there a part 2? Daigo had some interesting tech there.