Kuroda Interview by Shueisha's Weekly Playboy Magazine


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Kuroda’s interviews were removed shortly after Kuroda got arrested, but they can still be accessed through this link https://web.archive.org/web/20170413143326/http://wpb.shueisha.co.jp/column/kuroda

I asked them why they removed it, they answered in Japanese:

Here’s the list of all FT10 sets Kuroda did for them:

9 May 2014

Kuroda (Makoto) vs Vanao (Ryu) Part 1

Kuroda (Makoto) vs Vanao (Ryu) Part 2

Kuroda (Makoto) vs Vanao (Ryu) Bonus Matches

Japanese commentary

6 Jun 2014

Kuroda (Q) vs Tominaga (Makoto) Part 1

Kuroda (Q) vs Tominaga (Makoto) Part 2

Japanese commentary Part 1

Japanese commentary Part 2

4 Jul 2014

Kuroda (Hugo) vs TM (Q) Part 1

Kuroda (Hugo) vs TM (Q) Part 2

Japanese commentary

1 Aug 2014

Kuroda (Alex) vs Kaeru (Dudley) Part 1

Kuroda (Alex) vs Kaeru (Dudley) Part 2

Japanese commentary

24 Aug 2014

Kuroda (Ibuki) vs Match (Akuma) Part 1

Kuroda (Ibuki) vs Match (Akuma) Part 2

Japanese commentary

19 Sep 2014

Kuroda (Urien) vs Atushi (Ibuki) Part 1

Kuroda (Urien) vs Atushi (Ibuki) Part 2

Japanese commentary

17 Oct 2014

Kuroda (Elena) vs Genki (Alex) Part 1

Kuroda (Elena) vs Genki (Alex) Part 2

Japanese commentary

14 Nov 2014

Kuroda (Makoto) vs MOV (Chun-Li) Part 1

Kuroda (Makoto) vs MOV (Chun-Li) Part 2

Japanese commentary

30 Nov 2014

Kuroda (Necro) vs Mimora (Makoto) Part 1

Kuroda (Necro) vs Mimora (Makoto) Part 2

Japanese commentary

14 Dec 2014

Kuroda (Ken) vs Matsken (Ken) Part 1

Kuroda (Ken) vs Matsken (Ken) Part 2

Japanese commentary

16 Jan 2015

Kuroda (Ryu) vs Pierrot (Remy) Part 1

Kuroda (Ryu) vs Pierrot (Remy) Part 2

Japanese commentary

6 Feb 2015

Kuroda (Dudley) vs Yuuki (Yun) Part 1

Kuroda (Dudley) vs Yuuki (Yun) Part 2

Japanese commentary

4 Jun 2015

Kuroda (Yang) vs SHO (Yun) Part 1

Kuroda (Yang) vs SHO (Yun) Part 2

Japanese commentary

25 Dec 2015

Kuroda (Ibuki) vs Ushi!? (Yun) Part 1

Kuroda (Ibuki) vs Ushi!? (Yun) Part 2

Japanese commentary

20 Feb 2016

Kuroda (Dudley) vs Haitani (Makoto) Part 1

Kuroda (Dudley) vs Haitani (Makoto) Part 2

Japanese commentary


ngl knowing what we do now, him being on “PlayBoy” is pretty hilarious.