Kuroda is broken =(


Reminds me of computer Zangeif on hard, instance 360.

For fucks sake.

I think i found a new god :woot:

God, I thought the match was ridiculous enough and then the shinkuu red parry, hahaha.

If he’s dumb enough to dash in while Hugo has full meter, he deserved that beasting…

One of the reasons i dont play 3s anymore, players like him.

LOL i know Kuroda will do me like that too…but, lookin at son get touched like that is funny as fuck.

that ryu was garbage but yay kuroda, or what ever…

Ryu player had no chance.

Where are the Kuroda playing SF IV vids?

Not really…because not many would expect someone to pull off a 360 in reaction to a dash that quickly. It was a good choice, but he underestimated Kuroda’s ability to see that and punish.

Anyway, didn’t Kuroda say if these dvds get uploaded, he will quit? I wouldn’t keep them up there.

Edit: And no, the Ryu wasn’t garbage at all…he just got outplayed by Kuroda and got frustrated, didn’t know what to do. I mean really, how do you fight someone that can just sit there and react to literally everything you do? Way to passively watch videos.

As far as Kuroda quitting because of the posting of the DVD’s…ultimately it was gonna happen. Especially considering the only people he could really scare with such a threat are his fellow Japanese 3S players. Any random 3S fan across the US could ruin his DVD profits.

someone gonna get banned… http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=136858

oh snapz.

On wake-up it’s quite expected, concidering he doesn’t have to jump or use any other technique like walk gigas or tachi gigas. I mean, if you’re miss timing your meaties and playing aggressively, you’re going to eat it in a situation like that. The player should have been more cautious, it’s not so bad dashing in when he has no meter, but double dashing in when he has full bar, on wake-up is a pretty stupid thing to do…