Kuroda vids, plz plz

Kuroda is the really sweet-ass Q player, right?

I’ve only seen a few good Q matches. One was a close one with an Oro, learned some cool poke strings and such…

The other was a match against AB7’s Necro. Man that guy is a beast… He red parried the last hit of his electric snake, and did SA1, but AB7 still had a pixel of life and won. Hahah, anyway, back on track:

Anyone know where I can find Kuroda vids, or any good Q match vids?

TK vs. J/Hitotsume, special tournament in Shirube 1

Okay, but where would I find this?

I think they can be found at http://www.godweapon.net


Although, I wish you could download rather than stream. @_@

And ROFL at that perfect YSB got on that Necro, AHAHAHAHAAH that was the best thing I’ve seen in a while.


these are awesome just start downloading from the first one down. kuroda does some wild shit in this. :slight_smile: the second video has a crazy ending, u’ll love it.

Q rules,

You can right click on the vid -> properties.

Copy the location into your browser; it should open a new WMP window. File -> Save as from there.

the sakura vids are really great
kuroda does the best Q combo ever
jumping hk (holding back) + mkrd (holding back) + lp dash punch + SA2
and a dash punch … very good
search combo videos for the vid kuroda/hayao vs justin/ricky o …