Kuroda's Alex DVD Talk

So I heard Kuroda’s Alex DVD doesn’t disappoint. What things does he do that distinguishes him form other top Alex players?

Who said that? I was not too pleased compared to his other character DVDs.

What all did the dvd cover? I’m just curious if this video brings any new ideas about Alex to the table and whatnot.

I’m looking forward to this DVD. Getting it in about 4-5 days(along with the rest, lol)
Hopefully it will give me some new ideas :smiley:

I’m guessing I can post certain setup’s etc when I get it? :S

Yes please do. You can discuss about it no problem.

You can judge for yourself. I am getting rid of my kuroda dvds. If anyone is interested, let me know.


Watched like 30-40 min of the Alex DVD now…
Well… I’m quite dissapointed…

The only reason I guess Kuroda made these DVD’s is because… He’s Kuroda…
Insane defence and parry skills. That’s all needed to win…

With Alex all you actually see is,

jump jump jump jump
jump in FP, s.MK, super

throw throw

parry, MK, super

yep it’s nothing that special
im looking to sell mine too for very cheap
let me know
pm me

Did he use Stun Gun Headbutt ?