Kuroda's retirement video [joke/troll thread]



Sad, but his reasons do make sense. A guy’s gotta grow up eventually :frowning:


(Looks at thread title) Oh shit, really? He’s retiring? Wonder what he’ll move onto.

(Upon clicking on link immediately notices it’s a Roshikari thread) Oh fuck…


I hope this is what I think it is.

It wasn’t but that’s alright. I still don’t regret my decision.




Roshi is like that leprechaun with a pot of gold that everyone chases but no one can catch. I can see him skipping away with my lucky charms. -_-


He’s more like the Leprechaun from those horror flicks.


The king is back. lol.


Leprechaun: In Space, or that one with Ice-T? (yes, I’ve seen both…sigh)


kuroda is kuroda