Kuroda's Ryu is not that good but he times his Denjins well



I won’t post the link but I just searched ‘Kuroda ryu’ on youtube and found a video from Kuroda’s Ryu DVD. It was against Urien and his Ryu was not as good as Vanao or Ruu but his timing for Denjins are excellent.


I didn’t see how his denjin timings were excellent. He would time them just how Frankie would. Frankie3s is a just as good watch.

A note from that video is that he treats urien in the corner like he would makoto. Stay in his max dash range and c.lk mash lol.


looks damn solid to me. i don’t know what you were expecting or what you think good looks like but you have it wrong me thinks. or you were expecting a flashy kuroda, hes not a flashy player he only does whats practical or what is the best for meter conservation. he can execute anything but he doesn’t do anything needlessly either. 100% safe!


He is damn solid. That’s what the OP said about his insane defense. Though, it’s nothing much to learn. Just crazy red parries and dash punishes with his jump ins always hitting for some reason and friends.


What about those long range tatsus that he kept missing. First one was randomly done but he parried the punishing move. But second time, he was elbow launched on recovery from tatsu and got punished.

This is also just one of the matches on the DVD but we get a sense of what Kuroda’s Ryu looks like. Recently there has been a few Kuroda videos that have been sneaked on to youtube.


Thread name must be a joke right?

Watching only a single match of him is not enough and u cannot elaborate that much based on this, lol he is so much better than vanao and probably even better than Ruu and Namijin.

Everybody in here should watch that dvd cuz it teach you how to win with ryu, no more, no less. There are no flashy useless setups, u can do that shit in practice mode if u need to, he just beat them fair and square with no room to escape, never. Kuroda is not doing random guess/parry like frankie, he’s playing in the best way, solid and coservative but scary as hell. He might want to play an ace here and there but his denjin never miss and he never lose focus on his opponent, i think nobody realizes that from a video but he is too much to handle even for japanese pros [like someone pointed out in another thread, that yellowish urien is RX, yeah]. /end fanboysm

Frankie was all about guessing, but solid? No he was not. I’ve seen too many vids of him where he gets owned for being careless or losing control after a missed denjin but yeah he was awesome to watch 3 or 4 years ago.


Agreed full heartedly. That is why I think Kuroda is the best overall 3’s player in the world. He doesn’t do anything that doesn’t need to be done, he’s as efficient & effective as possible and I think a lot of people, dare I say less experienced players don’t understand when they see his matches/gameplay.


Someone that’s “not that good” is gonna get raped by RX. And although he did pull a perfect or two on Kuroda, Kuroda got several more. His denjin failed like twice on the whole DVD, maybe.

Someone needs to post those matches where his Ryu was rushing that Yun player.


I’ve only seen one match (on youtube) but I like how he waits for just the right set up so he can land a combo starting with jump in fierce (without the opponent having sufficient time to mash out) even if the set up doesn’t involve the denjin knocking down. A very “Japanese” approach to denjin.


Let’s not get carried away here. No one has any proof at all of who that Urien player was at all. Unless there were names specifically to match to the player from the DVD set itself, I think we need to cut these little rumors out. :wonder:

But to stay on topic, I can’t see why anyone can’t appreciate Kuroda’s Ryu. His style works.


you guys do know that anyone can pick the gold color urien right? lol all you do is press mk when hovering over urien.

ps. people who judge how good others are through videos (especially 1) have a name. “vid scrub”


Even better than you, you seem to have a good shot at the title at being the best Ryu player in 3S :pray:


i agree with LEVA
kuroda plays very solid. he mixes and changes his style when necessary and his defense is insane.

Frankie3s was great back then but its now what??? 2009? a lot of players can play denjin like Frankie can.

For example, I can play just as good as him or probably even better.

But I do have to point out one thing about Kurodas Ryu vs the Sakura Urien player. The sakura guy clearly isnt that good. hes just a random player.

for example, he was stunned many times when he couldve mashed out of those stuns.
if kuroda was playing against a higher level competitor, the Urien guy couldve mashed out of the stun.

either way, i need to get the dvd.


frankie DID beat RX and Kokujin back in the day and i recall pyrolee saying that the japanese said frank was the best Ryu even in japan at the time.
so before you all go thinking that just cuz time has elapsed your better than frankie3s you are wrong, if someone can do an RX combo are they as good or better than RX? nope, so just because you can steal a denjin setup doesn’t make you on the same level.

saying frankie3s is not that good is the same thing the OP said about kuroda which is ridiculous.
you can’t judge people based on videos, you really really can’t. the strength of a player can ONLY TRULY be felt in person when you are playing against them.



just to let you guys in on a little secret: the “random” players in japan that ARENT famous names, are usually really good too. Stop judging videos and go play more.


lol ive heard everything people have to say.
you all have valiant points but i have mine.

yeah frankie was good back then. but once again, its 2009 now.
same with daigo. he was great back in 02-04. around there. its 2009 now. many years have elapsed.

people play better now. rx plays better. kokujin plays better or played better.

but youll be surprised how well other people can play denjin ryu.


:lol: “It’s 2009 now”

Look at this herb.