Kuroda's Strongest Character He Plays to WIN (SBO)? v2.0 (now with Q and Gouki)


Based on all the responses from the previous thread, the poll list has been updated.
Now it includes Q and Gouki
If Kuroda wants to use his full power and try to ‘guarantee’ he wins SBO, which character most suits his style?
We all know his safe, smart, technical, perfect-execution style. Would it still be Q that would be his most unbeatable?

I personallly think Urien. Kuroda would just whore EX meter all day one combo/unblockable would give him the round.

If Remy had more stamina, he would be the ultimate Kuroda character. Even more unbreakable than his Q.



one grab = GGS


After OCVing 9 teams, Q is his best easy

After seeing some new footage… gonna have to say Urien

You should include more chars in your poll.


I’ve seen those GGPO matches. His Akuma is scary.


His Gill.


Any of them, as long as he doesn’t keep showboating.


He OCV’d 9 guys* (3 teams)

and how can 8 people vote for gouki?? thats ridiculous. his gouki gets destroyed by chuns/makotos. his akuma is great and all but his Q is definitely stronger.


Kuroda’s Q is more unbeatable than his Gouki.
Kuroda’s Urien is more unbeatable than his Gouki because he plays Urien like he does with Q.


That’s why his Hugo is so monstrous. Somebody on here said they found his Hugo boring, but I just think it’s the best way to play Hugo if you’re that good (spacing perfectly, punishing everything with 360s and 720s from red parries, etc).


I don’t remember his gouki getting destroyed by any makotos… and destroyed by rikimaru and k? nah they were close, rikimaru won off a red parry and K got lucky that kuroda fucked up his chip setup. other then that he was shitting on everybody.


I voted Urien.

Kuroda is the top Q player in the world. There is no denying it. He does all sorts of wild C&DB combos like it’s nobody’s business. He builds meter and throws out SAI and SAII hits with seemingly zero effort. He makes people look stupid with his Q. But that being said, at every SBO, he runs into a wall eventually. There are only so many times he can run into Yun, Chun, Ken, or Makoto and break through. Q is just not built to take down the ‘big four’ over the long haul in a tournament. It’s really only a matter of time before Momochi or KO or someone rocking a top character beats Kuroda’s Q 2-0 in convincing fashion.

Third Strike is not balanced. As the game has evolved over the years it has revealed itself to be more and more imbalanced unfortunately. Look at the EVO results and the winning SBO teams. Top tier absolutely dominates. In order to win SBO you pretty much have to stack your team with ‘big four’ characters. Even mid tier characters are a liability at SBO. That is the reality of competitive 3S. Low tier characters have almost zero chance of taking the grand finals. It is a miracle how Kuroda has taken Q so far.

Kuroda’s Urien is hyped up to be as good as RX’s from what I’ve heard. And we all know how incredibly sick Kuroda’s defense is. If Kuroda really is that good with Urien, and there’s no reason to doubt him really, then I’d estimate him taking Urien a greater distance than he would with Q at SBO. But winning SBO with Q? I just don’t see it.


Whatever character he uses,he’s gonna beast and it’s going to be a glorious spectacle.

Unless he uses Chun Li.


kuroda actually intentionally went for the overhead and lost.
and no matter how good your gouki is, his stamina lacks tremendously and chun/makotos will always be a lot to overcome even from a serious kuroda. one grab from makoto is gameover and one link from chun is 40-50% damage.

his Q has the best defense and fits his play style perfectly and he can dominate with him better than anybody else IMO. so Q all the way.


Honestly, Kuroda did so many unnecessary resets vs Rikimaru and K. He could have easily beaten them if he just did fierce srk instead of the resets. I was responding to the “destroyed” because he didn’t get destroyed at all, if anything his Q did vs Momochi last year. I hope to see his Gouki because its way more entertaining then his Q, but of course it’s just my opinion.