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Senorita Velasquez wow you’re the best ever. Just wow. You have inspired me to better in all ways. That I guess was my 1st dance lesson. I hope to see you in Cali someday. We have a bet to settle. Kayin good shit you comin to summer Jam? Defcon and all my Evo comrades ari-goto and keep it locked right here. Umehara-san I promise we shall do battle. Now To Ricky and all those imperial I may have offended I apologize however, I have legitimate reason to hate. Call it a training exercise. :smiley: Nohoho I owe you A LOT we have WORK to do. Darwin, Yonos where are you? Holly, Cibelle, man one of you 3 ladies have the ring I’m going to present. Boyd I’m gonna find that pack I owe ya. Jo Ann when I’m gonna see ya again.
To the rest of my comrades. I have a few spiritual wives like NWO '97 in the name of social justice I’ll be beasting for life!


I like how anyone in the world can now read his post and still make no sense of it.


I’ve been doing to myself it seem already?


It’s all philosophical don’t worry


Like wow.



crack you keep this up and you going to be out of team h8. enough with the bull shit dumbness iight the shit is fucking old






Life is like a hurricane
Here in Duckburg
Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes
It’s a duck-blur
Might solve a mystery
Or rewrite history

DuckTales (oooh ooooh)
Every day they’re out there making
DuckTales (oooh ooooh)
Tales of daring do bad and good
LuckTales (oooh ooooh)


D-D-D-Danger! Watch behind you
There’s a stranger out to find you
What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales

CHORUS (Twice)

Not pony tales or cotton tales, no
DuckTales (ooh ooooh)


You poor unenlightened soul


no crack don’t do it!


Joey Crack is a paragon of manliness.


does he still have a speck of crack in his beard?


what would happen if ed and joe crack fused, like dragonball z characters? Crackpachi? Ed Crack? all i know is, this would be a legendary being of godlike proportions. you guys should’ve teamed at wall’s last tourney.


hahahahahhhahaha omg…:yawn:



something like that i would assume, WITH the gay music in the back hahaha


need moar wisdom from Crack Tzu


Well here’s a quick tidbit I just went through. When life becomes emoptionally draining time to get back to good fashioned SURVIVAL TRAINING! :roar:
The real good stuff will happen when I get home including some really broke Crack Swagger :laugh:


Pa evo brzo mal?ice sam oti?ao preko. Kada ?ivot postaje emoptionally drena?ni put da biste dobili le?a to dobar top opstanak TRENING! : hujanje: pravi dobre stvari ?e se dogoditi kada sam se ku?i, uklju?uju?i neke zaista razbio Ispucati Swagger: laugh:


Yo Walt just for Kayin you are gettin merced on site son. SO you better bring that Yun otherwise you’re fucking free :mad: