Kustom Mortal Kombat Kostumes!

Wasn’t sure were to post this but here goes nothing!

My boy, Branden has this Krazy talent for making Kostumes. He has made an assortment of Kharacter Kostumes from various video games and movies such as, The Predator, Boba Fett, Scout Trooper (Stormtrooper Biker Scout), and even the Pink Pallet Captain Falcon from Smash Bros.! Most recently due to MK9 hype he has been making and designing Kustom Mortal Kombat Kostumes (Mostly Ninja Tunics) and I really thought he deserved some recognition for his talent. So here are a few of his Kostumes from Outworld and other Realms!

-Mortal Kombat-
Scorpion Finished (MK3)

Scorpion Progress (MK3)

Scorpion Progress (MK2)

Sub-Zero Progress (MK3)

Reptile Progress (MK3)

-Smash Bros-
Captain Falcon PINK FINISHED!

-Star Wars-
Boba Fett Finished

Scout Trooper

Predator Progress

Predator More Progress

Predator Finish in the Mo Cap Lab!

For more pictures, Kostumes, and updates you can check out his facebook here:
Branden Brown | Facebook

That’s Krazy!

cKrAzY > Krazy> Crazy

just saying… :coffee:

Get on my level.

As long as he makes a “Boone” and a “Tobias” skin, I’d say he is awesome.

Because, well, y’know… Fatalites.

That ***might ***make up for everything post-UMK3.

As I see it.

He’s a cool guy so if anyone wants to holla at him he said he’s cool wit it.

The Predator and Star Wars costumes are cooler than the MK ones.


He’s just started working with the Mortal Kombat Tunics and most of them are in progress still. He also bases them off the costume the Actors wore in the game.

He is actually wants to make a Deadpool costume.

Predator one is sick :tup:

Good job on the costumes. Try IMM.