Ky Kiske av request


(Props to Zazzarius.)

My prerred colors are blue, white and black with a dash of gold. Style-wise I won’t be too picky, so feel free to be creative, just stick to the right colors.

this is my take… use it if ya like it.

Don’t get me wrong here… It’s good, even though the background doesn’t suit my personal tastes, but I provided a sprite for a reason. :sweat:

Thanks for the attempt tho.

np, someone else can make it. I just had a little time to mess around. I tried your sprite and it didn’t look right with what I did. So no worries, good luck.

Thanks anyways tho, I’ll save it just in case I wanna use it in the future.

How’s this:

Love it, I’mma rock that shit right away. Thanks!

You’re welcome. :bgrin: