Ky trip to EVO2K7

Hey guys whats up. My name is Matt and I live in Lexington. Ive been a member of these boards for a while now and I usually troll them a couple times a week so Im not too much of a newbie.

Anywho the real reason Im making this post is because me and 2 buddies of mine are gonna go to Vegas for EVO and I was wondering if anyone else was gonna go. Maybe get group discount rates on travel and lodging.

Im nowhere near tournament shape for this but Ive heard EVO is such a blast that you can fun just hanging out and meeting ppl and playing for fun.

If anyone else is interested just hit me up here or via pm and hopefully we can talk more.

EDIT:I actually searched kinda halfway to see if a thread for this has already been made and couldnt find nothing. If there is a thread for this, could somebody plz redirect me? Thx

If you’re a top Anji player you can be on my team for Evo yo.