Kyle's Garage Sale Extravaganza (Final Price Drop 8/17/2009)


Please post dibs here and then PM me. I am working on a certification for my job and I need the PM so I’ll get an e-mail. If you want something I’ll test it out before accepting payment. I’ll post more items as I find them. Please check back.

Prices include shipping. PayPal only to continental US. I ship USPS with delivery confirmation. $10 minimum purchase. I generally ship same or next day depending on how late I work. Pictures available upon request.

I have a baby on the way next month and I’m getting rid of a few things to hopefully raise some cash. Please keep this in mind before haggling my ass. Don’t waste my time. Be prepared to pay if you want something.

  • $30: Black niking case with Mad Catz SE stick and 8 face buttons. No PCB or joystick harness. The stick is one step above a shoebox case. The build quality is poor. I ordered this on a whim because of how cheap it was and was disappointed. The size and weight are great. It’s just really damned ghetto. Great for a 2 player stick or someone wanting to get started on the cheap.

  • $12: Logitech USB Optical Mouse. It’s been a while since I’ve used this but it also works. The large red ball is perdy. :smile:

  • $25: Fat PSP in need of LCD repair/replacement. I accidentally cracked the LCD tried to correct an issue with the dpad. I managed to fix the loose screw for the dpad and cracked the LCD internally in the process. :sad: I can’t find the battery either. Comes with nice hard shell carrying case, USB and car charger, headphones and Gretzky 06 (Eww) that came with it.

  • $40: DigiTech RP100A Digital Guitar Processor. This worked well back in the day when I used it. It has a nice crunchy distortion a spacey phaser and some other effects I liked. It’s been a while since I’ve played my electric so I’m letting this go.

  • $12: XP JoyBox (Xbox1 to PS2). This lets you use an Xbox1 controllers on a PS2. It worked well when I tested it. It’s been forever since I’ve used it.

  • $10: Original (Duke) Xbox1 controller. Worked fine when I used it. I prefer the S controller over this but I know some people like these.

  • $12: Crackdown 360. Disc is mint. Case is in good condition and could use a little goo-gone.

  • $12: The Orange Box 360. Disc is near mint. Case is in decent condition.

  • $12: Virtua Fighter 5 Online 360. Disc and case are in good condition. Very light scratches.

  • $12: RayMan Raving Rabbits 360. Disc is near mint. Case is in good condition.

  • $25: Random PS2 Game Lot. Includes Dead to Rights, ATV Offroad Fury 2, Rainbox Six 3, Enter the Matrix, KillZone, Parappa the Rapper 2, and Xbox1 X-men Legends. Discs are in varying condition. I don’t care enough to piece this out.

Sold Items:

Sold - $40: Xbox 360 Max Shooter with Official Microsoft 360 Wired controller. This allows you to use a PS2 controller as well as PS2 or USB keyboard and mouse on the 360. This works great but all of my sticks are wired up for 360 so I have no use for it. For $50 I’ll include a nice Logitech keyboard and mouse!

Sold - $35: Gutted Mad Catz SE case (No joystick/face buttons/PCB). Start and Back were dremeled and replaced with 30mm Seimitsu screw-ins since that’s what I had. These buttons will be included. See the picture below. I was using this before purchasing a TE. It’s a great little stick for lap play. I have an original SE box I’ll throw in for grins.

Sold - $16: 6 x blue Seimitsu PS-14KN buttons. I bought these here thinking they were new. They’re in overall decent condition. One in particular is a little scratched up.

Sold - $6: JLF Octogate.

Sold - $5: Blue Seimitsu bubbletop.

Sold - $4: Seimitsu blue red or black ball top.

Sold - $25: PS2 Network Adapter with DVD. On hold for Al. I tested this and it’s working with HDLoader (not included). I haven’t tested it with any online games if the servers are even still active.

Sold - $12: Halo 3 360. Disc and case are in good condition. Installs to HD no problemo.

Sold - $12: Cube JoyBox (PS2 to GameCube/Wii). This works fantastic, and is probably the best available PS2 to GC converter. I just don’t need it.

Sold - $15: Sony PS1 Dual Shock Model A solder-free controller. These are easy to hack apart if you want to make a PS2 stick.

Sold - $8: Original Purple GameCube controller. Worked fine when I used it. I bought all new controllers and don’t need this.


Dibs octogate and purple gamecube controller! I’ll pm later

ill take the $12 cube joybox and $16: 6 x blue Seimitsu PS-14KN buttons
kyle pm me you paypal please the other guy never responded to me

I call dibs on Halo 3! And Kyle, congratulations on the new arrival to the family! Hope he or she comes into this world healthy! :bgrin:

Al, the buyer of everything claimed this earlier, sorry. Thanks! If I have some time to kill I’ll see if I can find you another copy tomorrow.

Another guy asked for the buttons as well. He didn’t reply after I sent a picture so I’ll put you in a close second and hit you up if he doesn’t get them by tomorrow. The third button is the one that’s a little scratched up.

ok let me know kyle

I want the buttons gate and ball top if others fall through.

any way you can hold the SE case for me? My bro is looking for a stick and i can use this. Just gotta ask him.
LMK, I understand if you cant.

How long are we talking? I don’t mind if it’s just a day or two.


haha that’s fine. next time when you sell more stuff i got dibs ;d

Ill know by Wed, night. Sound good?

Congrats Kyle.

That works for me. Please send me a PM when you know.

will take the cube joybox if it’s still available! can paypal right away

I would really like the seimitsu buttons if truckasaurus falls through.

Also the Octogate!

Interested in Blue Bubbletop, sendin a pm

Sorry, this was paid for this morning.

All PMs have been replied to.

A few pictures have also been added to the OP. If you need a picture of anything else let me know.

Any orders paid for today will definitely be shipped out today since it’s my day off.

I’m digging around for a PS2 network adapter and a couple of other items to add.

PM’d =)


Second in line for SE case if AJtheMishima doesn’t pick it up :smiley:

Added items:

  • PS2 Network Adapter (on hold for Al)
  • PS1/PS2 NeGcon controller
  • Logitech USB Optical Mouse

I’m still digging for things to list…

have you used the Max Shooter with the keyboard and mouse on an fps yet like COD4, Halo, etc.? If so, any lag? I know the XFPS seem to have some even on the newer models. Also, do you know if a G5 mouse would work on it? XFPS has problems with it, I think.