Kyo: Ara Gami Chains



Hi and thanks in advance for any tips.
I’m looking for some combos that include any of his Ara Gami(qcf+p) chains. Right now I just use them as one move, usually doing a qcf+mp, qcf+mp, k. Or sometimes to be a little more flashy I’ll use the hcb+mp as the second hit followed by p. I’m wondering what moves you can put before that will allow the chain to combo. At the moment I’m using his rk xx qcf+mk, mk, dp+rk combo. Easy six hit combo and pretty stylish. Feel free to post other combos you like as well. Thanks again.


kyo hes pretty much a combo heavy character heres what i use
c.lp, kick nice 6 hits easy to pull off an kinda stylish then you got c.lp dp.fp or if in the corner hcb.k thats for style points there o one more jumping fk c.fp-qcf.fp-hcb.fp-foward.fp that does insane damage hope that helps



cr.lp,, qcf+mk, mk, hcb+k u dont even need to be in the corner. That one looks styley, but ending with dp+hk is preferable because it adds more to the dizzy counter.


yup cant say your wrong and thanx for the info on the one combo
i didnt know you didnt have to be in the corner i always just try to land it when the opponent is cornered also its possible to end the combos wit his flamer super move tho it may only be on level three that it combos because the fire sprites knock you back up then you release the move …its kinda tough tho anyways good luck wit the combos!