Kyo CCs



I’m playing with a A Kyo because i decided that since A Groove is the only I haven’t used, I might as well try.

Anyway, midscreen I do the standard fp x3 -> df+fk -> fk x2 -> df+fk xn -> qcf x2+p

In the corner I’m screwing with things. So far, mainly for flashiness with a decent damage, I do -> fk XX qcf+kk -> lp DP [activate] qcb+fk -> fp DP (two hits)<cancel>qcb+fk (whiff) x5 or 6 -> c.fp XX qcb,hcf+p

a not really damaging one but flashy is just <qcb+fk -> fp> xN into super. But that has some crappy damage.

still working on the DP cancel for guard crush. that shit is hard.


My Kyo ground CC is exactly like yours.

For AA, I use:

(DP+MP, (whiff) s.LK, DP+MP, roll)*3, DP+MP, (whiff) s.LK, DP+MP, (whiff) s.LK, QCBHCF+P

For his GC, try doing a DP for the first one, then do QCFs for the rest of the DPs in the CC.

(phew, so many abbreviations)


The easier AA custom is just [Strong DP, df+RH] xn, Orochi Nagi


An even easier CC would be

srhx4, qcf mp, s.rhx4, qcf mp, df rhx3, qcf mp, qcfqcf p. Not sure about damage, near 8000 i think.

I like him better in C groove,, qcfqcf mp, cancel into qcb+hcf p. Does around 8500.


what’s the notation for the otg cc?

I do a bunch of dp cancels into the ground punch chain usually, just wondering what the “official” otg cc is.



Try -> stand fk XX qcf+fk,fk -> DP+mk -> Level 3 qcb,hcf+p super juggle

Or x2 XX qcf+lk,lk -> Level 2 qcb,hcf+p super <super cancel> qcf+fk, fk -> DP+fk/DP+fp/qcb+fk/Level 1 qcb, hcf+p super.


I dont know about “official” but the strongest versions of the otg CC start with his anti-air/ground CC, then lead to get mutliple hits in after damage reduction and to land the ground punch super that does more damage than the orochinagi.

Strong Oniyaki–>DF + Roundhouse x 4, Strong Oniyaki–>Roll, Low fierce, QCF + LP, HCB + LP, otg LP–>DF + roundhouse x however many you can fit in–> punch super. You can add in quickly chained standing roundhouses inbetween DF + roundhouses to get more hits in.

Usually you will see a lot of players go into the otg segment early after hitting CC after his basic juggles as in which case the damage is already reduced a lot, might as well go for multiple hits.

Example: Low short, Low strong, QCF + MK,MK, DP + MK, CC, DP + MP–>DF + roundhouse, DP + MP–>roll, low fierce, otg, ETC.


ok i think kyo’s strongest CC is the mp uppercut cancel. if u do it from the start, i think u can get 7 or 8 hits, i don’t remember…
instead of the last mp uppercut, u can just do cr.hp into qcb, hcf p super. i dunno exactly the points (i’ll find out as soon as i get my DAMN joystick), but on full life, it wastes around 60% or a little more.

kyo’s mp uppercut gaurd crush might seem hard at first, but it’s pretty damn easy later on. if u block when i have full meter, and u can’t counter, then i’m gonna activate, and pretty much guard crush u. just remember, try to keep the same rhythm u start out with, not too slow, not too fast. but faster is better than slower, b/c if ur too slow, ur next uppercut might not come out, and u’ll just be in the air. if u do it too fast, ur qcfx2+p super will come out, which will leave u vulnerable, but not as much as what happens when u do it too slow.

once u get really good at it, try to know exactly which hit will guard crush. basically, while ur doing the uppercuts, just look ONLY at the opponent’s guard meter, until it’s about to crush, then take a quick glance at ur cc meter left. depending on how much meter u have, either do the ground combo, or start his anti air combo with whatever meter u have left, and end with super. with a little practice, u’ll get it down, i’ve almost got it down pretty good.

the kyo gaurd crush combo is relatively fast…heh


Is there any other guardcrush cc besides hcb+k xn (until gb), [hcb+k xx s.hp] x3, super?

What’s a good way to connect his qcb,hcf+p super in cc? His qcfx2+p is easy to do in cc, but the damage is not that great.


dp+mp, croutching roundhouse, heck there’s a lot, test them out. the qcfx2+p does more damage.


hey, why dont you guys try this.

This combo is for a-grove: just activate go c.hp,qcf.hp and hcb.hp until meter is at the end do qcfx2.p… It’s not that efective but it’s good to get rid of those short fuckers like cammy, and it looks crazy 2.


That super only does more damage on the ground. In a juggling CC, you have to create an OTG situation with the ground pound (I do c.fierce xx whiff jab rekka sequence into ground pound), or do the qcb-hct+p super.