Kyo Combos and Glitches

List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

In order to get an accurate number, make sure to set your character’s super meter to either “Normal” or “Max Start” because “Infinity” and “Recover” will give the combo an illegal damage boost. Also, make sure to perform the combo against P-Groove or A-Groove because some of the other grooves have meter-based defense bonuses. Finally, make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has, not including Roll Cancel. RC discussion belongs in a strategy thread.

qcf+HK misses after standing HK sometimes because it comes out very slowly. It launches them slightly higher and farther than the MK version and does more damage, so to balance that out it’s slower.

For instance, cr.MPXXqcf+MK works, but not cr.MPXXqcf+HK.

You can do cr.HPXXqcf+HK, but not after a jump in. You CAN still buffer into it from a close standing HK after a jump in however.

There aren’t any combos I know of that require the HK version instead of the MK version. In fact, there are some combos that are easier if you use the MK version, since your opponent doesn’t fly as far away. qcf+MK, K -> dp+HK way out in the middle of the arena is easier than using qcf+HK. You can use either version to do the combo where you link the level 3 wave super after a dp+MK, but you still have to be in or near the corner either way.

Anyway if you’re really far away, like max distance for close HK, then you can buffer into qcf+HK and it will not combo. This is probably why it misses sometimes. Same reason why you can’t hit it after a cr.HP after a jump in, you’re too far away to buffer from the cr.HP, it doesn’t cause enough hit stun.

As for the LK version, of course you can buffer into that from a cr.LK or anything really. Of course it doesn’t put them into the jugglable state, but you can still land the level 3 wave super after it anywhere in the arena. In the corner, let them bounce on you once before you let go, and anywhere else let go during the super freeze and you will catch them before they land.

Also you can activate CC in A groove off the LK version (or any version). But I guess A groove shit goes in another thread?

Super Combos

-(midscreen), level 3 super, hold, early release, whiff qcf+LP, hcb+P, P
6545 damage
6 hits
5 stun

I don’t recommend ever doing random super with Kyo as a dependable strategy, but if you ever do get impatient and use it as a wake-up move etc… know that you can do the ground pound on your opponent after even at midscreen.

Using the OTG after an anti-air super feels totally random. Depending on where the opponent was in the air, sometimes it works, but the majority of the time it won’t. I don’t recommend being greedy and going for OTG punches after an anti-air super. It’s too risky in my opinion. After a point blank grounded super though, feel free to go nuts. It’s always 100% guaranteed in those instances.

-(midscreen), d.LK, d.LK xx qcf+LK, LK, level 3 super
5800 damage
7 hits
13 stun

-(corner), j.HK, close s.HK xx qcf+HK, HK, wait, dp+MK, wait, level 3 super
9954 damage
10 hits
51 stun

Use this when the opponent is dizzy. If you’ve guard broken your opponent, omit the intial jump-in and just dash in close s.HK instead. 9000 damage and the stun you get from the launching kicks, juggle is outstanding.

I swear I saw LTB combo OTG punches after the super in this combo. I haven’t had any luck at all in doing it though.

-(corner), d.LK, d.LK xx qcf+LK, LK, level 3 super, hold, early release, whiff qcf+LP, hcb+P, P
7283 damage
9 hits
18 stun

The best part about this combo is that the OTG is completely unavoidable. Unlike the f+HP, OTG punches juggle, Vega cannot safe fall against this. The game doesn’t let anybody safe fall after being hit with a super. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had any luck with doing the OTG chain when I hit the super on a grounded opponent, but I have hit the chain when I used it as anti air. It looks really weird, sometimes it doesn’t even look like it should hit but it does. He barely gets the foot of the opponent.

j.fp,,,jFk …all crossup on blanka.Setup, I got good ones but heres one to see the results…-c.k(point blank)small jump then do it as you cross the “veritical peak” of blanka, Fp is easiest

Sagat Gief Raiden Chang and geese all can get hit with instant small jump 2Fp, good setups involve, or Fkthrow then wakup close mp, or jus do it point blank

It’s pretty easy. Hold the button when doing the super, then let go the instant the opponent bounces off of Kyo’s body. That’s pretty much the only way to get the opponent high enough to have time to hit the OTG ground pound. However, it IS possible to let go of the flame a little too early and miss a few hits.

Cross up lk,, c.lp,, rekkas into kick finish.

You can combo off his far s.rh into lvl 3 serpent wave. Best used to punish a whiff from your opponent.

It’s good when you know the other guy is going to walk up and try to poke you as well.

True that my man. I learned from watching Otaku use his K-Kyo. One of the few good kyo players I’ve seen.

Btw, good advice on the corner combo kcxj, the double lift kicks, f+hp, whiff rekkas to otg hit. I’m starting to get it down now.

I used to have tons of trouble doing the otg chain after the super in the corner. I couldnt get it to save my life ( i even posted about it) But over time its gotten to the point where i get it everytime. Just practice it kang. IMO the otg chain is a NICE damage bonus on the end of koyo’s already damaging combos. If you wanna talk mix up in this thread just lemme know, ill put all my shit out there, maybe ill learn something myself… Lets keep it going

Weird shit:
In the corner I did a super meaty lvl 3 serpent wave, it hit them but didn’t knock them down. I tried again and comboed, xx rekkaken chain. Your never gonna get this on someone, but still, it’s weird.

Yeah. Its not really practical unless you dizzy them as the super comes out. I held the flame when I saw they were dizzy, hit the super meaty, then did st rh xx double kick.

I suppose it might have a use if you want to start a pressure string off of it, but wasting a level 3 is questionable.

was messing around with alternate followups to his lift kicks in the corner… you can land close s.HP to setup another mixup game

close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K -> close s.HK -> rdp+LK
close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K -> close s.HP -> low jump d+HP
close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K -> close s.HP -> empty low jump -> etc

when you do it on smaller characters you can do the close s.HP really early so you have an easier time landing the low jump d+HP

Thats on dj-b13’s vid. He does it off of the close s. HK. Take a look at it, you can alter the timing so that you can make the rdp+lk hit if you want it to, or look like it will and go into a cr short string.

word… i gotta get that off the hub… i only have cammy’s right now

i have a question
for the qcf k, k move, when am i supposed to hit the 2nd kick? when i do it, half the time, it doesnt come out. i usually just mash kick and hope it comes out, but is there like a specific timing to it or sth?

oh yeah, i dunno how good a tip this is, but i had problems doing far s. rh, flaming blanket super. but now i found a easier way, by doing qcb rh, hcf punch, since kyo has no qcb k move. i think this way is easier then just going from neutral kick into super. hope this helps

Step into training and practice the timing. Its really not too hard so you shouldn’t mash. I’d describe it as a quick 1. 2.

I have a question. I notice sometimes players like to do qcf lp (blocked) hcb lp. The little overhead one. Is that any good? Whenever I try it the first blocked one pushes away too much.

Yur probably doing the rekka a lil to slow…i don’t know about doing that string though…looks kida risky don’t ya think?

good guard crush string…, c.lp,, qcf hp, hcb hp.

I noticed that when people block a low jump down+hp kyo is left practically right into throw position…is this safe or should i start mixing in: low jump neutral hp.

Okay, I remember I think it was Mickey D saying that you could do fierce throw, dash, then super jump forward d+fierce for a cross up. What I found out, was that if not spaced correctly, Kyo will hit from the front, but still land on the other side. If they block, its really tricky … and has worked like a charm for me. If it connects, I do lk overhead to come up on the other side and hopefully catch them off guard.

So … yeah. Try for yourself.

might be old…

kyo gets a huge damage boost if you cancel out the serpert wave before it ends. i usually try and cancel right after the first hit or 2.

example in corner (i dont have DC so im just gonna guestimate the damage. ill correct it later):, close, qcf + lk, lk, lvl 2 serpent wave, :super ends: DP FK. ~5000, close, qcf + lk, lk, lvl 2 serpent wave, :cancel: DP FK ~7000, close, qcf + lk, lk, lvl 2 serpent wave, :cancel: hcb + fk (whiffs), lvl 1 serpent wave. ~8500