Kyo combos/setups

I found out a helpful little combo the other day with Kyo. It pretty much puts your opponent in a corner from any where on the screen. You combo into the kick that puts them in a juggle state as normal, but instead of a HCB+K or a DP+K, do F+HP and as soon as it hits cancel into the HCB+K. This will cause Kyo to knock the opponent to the corner then run right after them. I thought it was a pretty neat combo worth sharing just in case some people didn’t know it. Make sure to post your stuff too.:cool:

well… u could follow up the qcf mk x2 with a overhead smash (the one when u press down fierce in the air) for style points and for pressuring the oppponent
btw…that smash crosses up
talk about a super wake up game for kyo
esp with a groove
u could
-bust thru wake up attempts with cc activation
-crossup with either the smash or jumping lk
-fake an empty crossup into low shorts which u combo into
-fake a meaty attack into low shorts
-do a meaty attack
-tick a low short into a rdp k (his overhead)
actually there’s even more but i’ll just stop here
his wakeup games are plain sick

Here’s a few combos involving kyo’s rekka punches that does decent amount of damage:,, qcf+mp, qcf+p, k., c.fp, qcf+fp, hcb+p, f+p. (You can use shinki ara gami; it’s easier to time it.), c.lp,, qcf+mp, qcf+p, k.

how abt this
cr.FP -> qcf.FP -> hcb.FP -> forward FP

When the opponent is in the corner:
Jumping deep Strong or Fierce punch > into a standing Roundhouse Kick > cancel into a QCF + FP, HCB + P, toward + P = six or seven hits and nice damage.
Although I wouldn’t recommend doing it with my XBox controller: I can get it 1 out of 7 times offline on Player One’s side… it’s near impossible online.

Simple: j. HK, HK, QCF HK, HK, f+HP, lv.3 Orochi Nagi

how bout this one jump in rh c.fp qcf hk hk dp mk then the orochinagi lv3 has to be in the corner

kyo has shortx3 into qcfx2 super…very useful if you land some shorts…but most people who probably just use…shortx3, lk.qcf, falmesuper…or what ever its called…? it take of just a little more…

Shorts into is good Final shodown is good, but overall the Serpent wave is better even though it deals less damage (not much).

What are some good blocked strings for Kyo? How do you guys follow up when your qcf+mp or qcf+fp are blocked? And doesn’t he have some corner juggles after the qcf +k not involving a super. I just need to know what’s safe (or reasonably safe) when blocked so i can stop or adjust my combo as needed.

Actually, after a blocked QCF+Jab, you actually have a chance of following it up with another qcf+Jab (the elbow), it will most likely snuff a possible counter attack by the opponent. Otherwise, you can probably do a RH throw and do the mind games from that.

You can trip into his level 3 serpent wave, it all about timing:cool:

DAMN! I just figured out how to combo into the Orochi Nagi. I only discovered you could get extra hits RECENTLY with Kyo if you hold down p for level 3. I also didn’t remember seeing that super get delayed when using that combo.

Even w/o meter, Kyo is VERY damaging. DAMN: why don’t ppl use him more often?!?! Rugal has a similar corner combo with meter, but only needs level 2, or maybe level 1 (if you’re playing C-Groove).

How do you connect in the corner with the other super? ',:expressionless: just curious :smiley: lol

My cross up trick:cool: QCF+k,k after a rekkaken combo, then combo again, then throw after you cross them up again. Also kyo can cross up an opponent after a fp throw in the corner, just jump after the throw and c.short into whatever.

hey what about setting up custom combos?

I think 1 way is clk, sHK activate crouch+forward HK …

and another one, I dont know if it works becuz I dont own the game and dont get much chance to play is

clk, sHK qcf m kk activate cHK qcf k k cHK(X2) repeat til the corner then qcf k then special.

I dont know it it works, can sum1 experiment with it and tell the results?

are there any other combos? or setups?

kyo has ok footsies. his pokes and when playing footsies are really good. they have so much range that when you know your opponent is going to go towards you in his pattern, it’s almost allways going to hit unless they have great reactions.

Im going to skip ahead into the meat of my main lvl 2 combo use what ever means to start and make sure they link into his lvl2 Final showdown wait until the 9th hit xx into the light qcf+lk (the 2 kick special) into either hcb+k or Lvl 1 orochinagi.

Punish combo
After a whiffed move like a dragon punch or rolled threw magic (watchout for kens quick recorvery)Cr.FP into qcf+fp,hcb+fp,f.

I use alot too cuz the tip be invincible. same with da ill azz s.rh. pretty much the best cc setup for kyo is after juggle kicks, then that dope dp, df.rh CC.

Kyo’s pokes are:

  • Ducking mk: Use the ducking mk as a generic poke at max range. Counter hits into super from mid range
  • Standing hk: High priority quick poke. Good whiff punisher. Hops over shorts. Combo’s and of course counter hits into super for free. Best used at max range.
  • Ducking hk: Ducking hk at max range is an ok poke and a good whiff punisher. When it hits, you hop in for free - which is what kyo wants to do anyway.
    -Down+foward hk: This move has high priority and moves kyo toward his enemy while attacking. It doesen’t really make it easier for kyo to get closer to his enemy when used properly and both hits connect. What it does is move your enemy back toward the corner with your foot as his escort. If you land 2 of these in a row your enemy will try somethin most likely in your favor to avoid eating it again. Jumping, rolling, sitting, etc.

These are good pokes but their not abuseable. Use them with descretion. Kyo does not wanna play footsies with anybody. He wants to get in. Sometimes you can’t get in safely so you wanna use these pokes with counter hit set ups. The most basic examples i’ll give is using the low lk (3/+6) at med-max range. Ducking lk into standing hk (6/-5) is safe to everything but specials when done right. Don’t let that negative advantage mislead you, at the range you recover you’re safe 99%. This simple set up generates counter hits to impatient enemies that you can link into supers. If they just block it thats fine too. Free guard damage for you. There’s many variations on this so just experiment. Just for the record: ducking mk (7/-5), ducking hk (8/-2), and d+f hk (11/0).

Kyo anti airs

  • meaty standing mp?: You heard me! I haven’t figured this out yet but this thing is a good anti air somehow. I have to test it more but it hits very similar to the meaty strong on the ground. Untested

  • Standing mk: Useful at max range. Kills angled jumpins on lots of characters, has pretty good priority

  • Ducking hp: For record i can not use this thing at all. But of course it gets used on me. It seems pretty good at max range. Experiment a lil first before usin this in the field

  • Uppercut: Bad when people are RIGHT above you. Depending on the punch used their all dif. The strong is the most useless. It trades at times tho not as much as the low one. The hp one has really good priority. When done correctly i’ve never seen it trade or get beaten. I think it’s second in line. The best one is the jab. It trades alot…and that’s a good thing. The reason its good is because if you have a level 3 on deck (level 2 also?). After the trade you get a free cloud super. Does more than doin the cloud super on its own too. That’s what i like to call big damage, bitch.

I found that this works very well on shotos and people who like dashing in.

Hm, I’m usually pretty afraid to anti-air too so I go with parry. Although, I did have the DP hit sometimes if they were deep enough.