kyo drawing

Still inking the jacket and i guess pants but beyond taht its essentialy done.

ouch 48 views and not a single reply.

well. his eyes are out a alignment. and his sholders looks very over sized. other than that it looks sweet.:cool:


you just need a little work on your anatomy and inking. You’re atleast better off than I am on the inking (I hate pens)


Ya i defintly need anatomy work. Inking…dunno i have a love hate relationship with them. I hate using them but i look at my pencils and think it needs it.

It’s a good picture, I think the sholders can use a little bit more detail, other than that, a fine picture.

**Round off the muscles more. The “curves” of his biceps look like they could stab someone.

That squarish muscle thing almost never comes out looking good.**