Kyo quick notes, useful frame data


close s.MP 800 0/0

Wow! Hits fast at only three frame startup. The hands down best use however, is as Kyo’s best meaty attack. Probably the most meaty attack in the entire game at 12 frames. You can do it really early and the opponent is almost always forced to get up into it.

Link d.MP to combo afterwards. Mix that up with throwing and walk up, counter hit d.LKs. You can get upwards of +11 frame advantage if you have good timing skills.

far s.MP 900 -5/-5

This move is a four frame attack and has more range than d.MP. It does slightly more damage as well. However, yielding -5 on the block, this move is no where near as useful in your offensive patterns as d.MP is. This move should be your main punishing attack instead (and combo filler when facing big characters too). When you aren’t raged to be able to do far s.HK xx super as your punisher, far s.MP xx rekkas is very useful.

Most notable uses:
-After blocking a dp+LP from the shotos
-After blocking a two-hit Bison scissors kick

d.MP 800 +6/+6

Gives just as much frame advantage as a c.LK? That’s cheap. You can link two of these together. Great when blocked too. Use this move alot (up close, use s.HK whenever possible though).

Tip of Kyo’s fist is invincible

close s.HK 1200 -1/-1

Completely safe on the block at -1. After a JD, you have to use close s.HK if you want to combo into MK launching kicks for some reason. In situations after a JD where you know you have a guaranteed free combo, always use close s.HK xx qcf+LP/qcf+HP/qcf+MK. Again, if you accidently get this move blocked, you’re perfectly safe at -1. Punishing with combos that involved this move HURT.

Outside of after a JD, the main use of this move is to cancel into qcf+MK when the opponent leaves himself WIDE open. Up close, this move is suitable combo filler for combos starting with d.LK as well. At four frame startup, it’s just as easy to link as d.MP or far s.MP.

Try not to use this move when you’re not sure whether your attack is going to hit or not. You’re left safe on the block at -1, but with moves that leave you at +6 or more like d.LK or d.MP, what’s the point? Plus this move is a heavy attack as well, which pushes Kyo out of his optimal range of up close and in your face. Unless you know for sure you have a guaranteed combo, using one of the MP or light attacks up close is almost always better for you.

d.LK 200 +6/+6 o/o/o

The exact same frame data as d.LP. Only 100 damage sacraficed to hit low instead. Just as easy to link off d.LK as it is d.LP. Range is one pixel longer than d.LP. That’s insignificant however as link d.MP won’t reach at that distance. Since you are at +6 though, you either take a free run in or low jump.

d.LP 300 +6/+6 o/o/o

Against opponents that like dashing over your d.LK’s (Bison, Eagle, Vega, and Cammy most notably), use d.LP against them instead. The frame data is the exact same as d.LK, only d.LP has a different, mid-hitting hit box.

close s.LP 400 +5/+5

Kyo’s only two frame attack. The main use I have for this is punishing Sagat’s level 1 or level 3 Tiger Raid super. Block high, then do close s.LP, d.LK, far s.MP xx rekka combo.

Oh, you can use this along with far s.LP whenever you want to whiff a high light attack on a crouching opponent, then throwing him too.

d.MK 900 -5/-5 x/x/o

The RANGE is what makes this move so great. It hits even further than his far s.HK! Not good up close though. Just a quick low poke. Think Sakura far s.HK (which hits in 8)…

This move will combo into the level 3 super from far range, but only on a counter hit. Anybody have any good setups?

-Meaty close s.MP, d.MP, d.MK
*leaves very little gaps, high possibilty of a counter hit

far s.HK 1300 -5/-5

One of the most useful ground attacks in the game. It goes over low attacks and can be canceled into level 3. When you’re raged, use run up s.HK xx super to cover safe falls. Ouch!

This move has lower body invinciblity AND the tip of Kyo’s foot is invincible.

d.HK 1300 knockdown/-2

This sweep is one of the best in the game. Hit’s a little slow at 8 frames, however you can’t beat the -2 recovery (most characters are at -12 plus).

df+HK 400+800 0/0

11 frame startup. Even on frames when hit or blocked

air d+HP 1400

This move is good. Am I safe after having this blocked from a low jump?

j.HP 1100

10 hit frames? Awesome! When used along with j.HK, Kyo has some of the most useful low jumping attacks in the game.

j.HK 1200

This move keeps the opponent from jumping at you.

f+HP 1300 knockdown/-3 x/o/o

Combos into orochinagi. Good as a meaty. Cancel into something when blocked.

You need this move to do K-Kyo’s corner OTG combos. Launching kicks, juggle with f+HP, quickly canceled into qcf+LP, hcb+P, P. Big damage.

Combo info:

d.LK, d.MP
2 frame link

d.LK, s.HK
2 frame link

d.MP, d.MP
2 frame link

-The main punishing combo, for when the opponent is REALLY open, is run up close s.HK, qcf+MK, MK, juggle with dp+HK. It does a ton of damage. When you want more stun, you can use dp+HP instead of the dp+HK as well.


-Always use the LP rekka chains only. When the opponent blocks, you’re only left at -5 (same as Iori’s). This is a significant difference over the MP rekka chain. You’re left at -10 (!) after those and the opponent can hit you with whatever he wants.

-qcf+HP has 4 frames of autoguard. My friend, who’s pretty good with Kyo, tells me to use this on a waking opponent. The trick is to time the autoguard portion perfectly. You’ll blow through any wake-up dp, RC move, or whatever. This is hard for me though, so I can’t really recommend it that much.

-qcf+HP, hcb+P gives you +1 frame advantage. The great thing is that you can delay any of Kyo’s punch chain moves whenever you want too. The opponent blocked your qcf+HP? Wait a split second, then counter hit him with hcb+P. Now you should be at around +4 (at least +1). Kick throw him or go for a combo reset with d.LK.


Intentional trading:

dp+MP 1700, 800
4 frame total body invincibilty,
followed by 4 frames of NOTHING
4 frames lower body invincibility

See those 4 frames of nothing in the frame data for dp+MP? That’s what makes this tactic so special. For those who don’t know this already, always attempt a deep dp+MP as your anti-air when you have a level 3 super ready. Kyo’s dp+MP will trade with whatever jump-in the opponent threw out, and both characters will reel back. However, Kyo recovers MUCH faster than the opponent does and is free to juggle with a level 3 qcb, hcf+P super every time.

Note the amount of frames the move stays out. Stand strong stays out for 12 frames. That means it deosnt have to hit on the earliest possible frame. Its actual frame advantage in the guide refers to it hitting at the earliest possible frame. If the attack is done meaty enough, it will hit a character on wake up at a frame LATER then the earliest it can possibly hit.

Stand strong stays out for 12 frames. If it were done meaty, timed to hit on a later frame then the first, and were to hit on say for example, the 6th hittable frame(instead of the first), your frame advantage/disadvantage at the end of that move gets a +6 advantage.

I think stand strong might be a little overrated vs low strong meaty. Technically you can get the same amount or near same amount of frame advantage from both moves if timed correctly, but if you miss time stand strong and hit it too late, you get no advantage at all or not enough to make use of, while with low strong, even if you miss time it, you still get a +6 advantage.

Thanks Kamui, that’s very helpful. :smiley:

It’s useful if you have a level 2 or more ready, because unlike Sakura’s s.roundhouse, you can (super) combo off of it.

Is it a difficult link? (it is a link right)

Re: Re: Kyo quick notes, useful frame data

It’s a cancel. I don’t think you can link anything off a move that leaves you at -5.

Watch “goku-vs-desiken-1011.wmv”. The Kyo player is excellent. He does the s.HK xx super thing vs. Sagat.

s.rh xx super is great, but sometimes the level 2 won’t hit.:bluu:

sorry for sounding like a “n00b” heh…but I ahve no friggen clue what this thread is about…x/o/o? what is that?

u 4got kyo’s, c.fp link. It combos without it being a counter hit. Does really good guard damage when c.fp is buffered into fierce rekka.

Re: Re: Re: Kyo quick notes, useful frame data

ah shit, i assumed you couldnt cancel that kick :slight_smile: that’s sick, p-kyo is so dirty…

Is there any frame data on Kyo’s specials? I’m pretty sure the first qcf lp rekka is only punishable by Cammy, Balrog and Rock’s level 3 (and super throws) if blocked. I know Cammy and Balrog can still punish a blocked RED kick at the max distance. I haven’t tested the others yet.

add vega and guile to that list (red impact, sonic hurricane)

not sure about cammy though

I also say Kyo has the best sweep in the game, good length, speed, really good priority (stuffs almost anything it touches i.e. Sagat’s, anything of Blanka’s).
I can’t really think with some with as good a sweep. Super throws punishing a blocked rekka? Have Zangief try to super Kyo after blocking and, c.lp, xx rekkaken.

Kcxj: I always wondered about the frame data on a blocked R.E.D kick, post it if you can.

Last time I checked the guide RED kick leaves him at something like a -3 or -4 for the short version, and 1 point less disadvantage for every consecutive strength after that. I think that data refers to it hitting at the latest possible momment though. Ive sat in training mode with another friend to check it, when blocked high, most characters can hit a low short to hit him on recovery.

I’ll second that. Frame data for a lot of aerial moves like Kyo’s RED kick, Ken’s flying craziness kick, Cammy’s dive kick etc. are all totally dependant on what distance they are done at.

And best sweep? I’d give that to either Rock or Vega. Honorable mention to Eagle, Geese and Iori.

I know Kyo’s sweep stuffs Rock’s. Geese’s sweep is strong, but very punishable if not used right, it gets stuft easily also.

Rock’s sweep is fucking fast, combos into super, goes far, and makes him a small target.


It’s a tie between Rock’s, Vega’s, and Rolento’s IMO. Although Rock’s sweep will beat out Vega’s and Rolento’s, both of the latters’ sweeps move em forward and are unpunishable unless done near point-blank range. But yeah,… Rock’s sweep is kinda uber. Although I kinda like Geese’s too, bufferable into mp Rebukken dammit… man… if Rock could buffer his sweep into Rebukken…

I shouldn’t have posted an opinion like that. Yo ODG, Rolento’s, Kyo’s, and Rock’s sweeps aren’t even in the same category. Rolento’s sweep is a slide for one thing…

The book says -3 for the short RED kick (the only semi-useful version) btw… Unless you want to be going meaty with like hard RED kick or something, which I wouldn’t because there are better options.

You can also super/CC off Kyo’s sweep. Morrigans sweep seems good to me. Off the the sweep subject now, It seems to me I get more frame advantage off a meaty than the close It seems easier to link stuff after it.