Kyo Strategies and Match ups

don’t try anything on wakeup if he knows your mixups, he can RC lariat/SPD through any thing you try. i would try whiffing a c.MP over him and then backdashing so he tries an RC, then punish with far s.MP xx rekkas/LK launch kicks. gief can also catch you out of activation with either super so chill at a good distance, i would stay inside his fierce range and zone with c.MP, far s.LK, far s.HK, and df+HK. try on baiting all his RCs on the ground, as none of them are safe if whiffed.

edit: gief’s huge hitbox gives kyo even more damage on his rekka combos:
c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, far s.MP xx rekkas
c.LK, c.MP, far s.MP xx rekkas
c.MP, c.HP xx rekkas

his s.HP and s.MK also land on gief, s.MK seems to have a little invincibility on his foot.

GC strings:
c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, c.MP, df+HK/c.MK
c.LK, c.MP, c.MP, df+HK/c.MK
c.LK, c.LP, c.HP xx qcf+HP,hcb+P -> mixup

gief should get GCed fast, kyo owns him on the ground if he can’t psychic lariat you 100% of the time

if he whiffs (or you block the first hit of kick version) either lariat, combo him starting with c.LK (c.MP will miss against punch lariat RCed or not, but mashed c.LKs will punish either version)

go under with df+HK, otherwise i dunno… it outranges far s.HK

low jumping straight up and d+HP could hit his limb, i know that kick stays out for forever

So, who here actually lands the counter-hit walk up c.LKs? Most of the time, I just getted smacked back for even walking forward. Then I hit myself on the head for not empty small-jumping instead. Any tips on how to get it to work?

Do them after a knockdown. Like sweep, meaty c.short, walk up c.short x2(counter hit), xx rekkas.

Well obviously you do it after a knockdown. It’s weird because I just keep getting jabbed at anyways when I have like +6 after the meaty c.LK. Eh, my timing is probably just off. Oh, and is it possible for the meaty c.LK to beat out DP wakeups if timed right?

No, this isn’t 3s haha. Fully invince dps ALWAYS beat meaties. Btw you have even more than +6 off the short, because it’s meaty. Idk how many hit frames the short has though, but even if you messup you should usually have +7 at least. Just work on your timing, and if they mash, start using meaty on em. After 1 or two xx juggle kicks, dp hk or x2 xx rekkas, they’ll probably stop mashing.

Hahaha, I thought so. I could have sworn I’ve seen Makoto counter-hit a DP before. Oh well, the other guy probably tried to jab him or something on wake-up.

I’ve been thrown out of a meaty c.LK before by people I play. Then I start thinking to myself, “Wtf, this ain’t ST!” :rofl:

Exactly the info I’m looking for. I keep forgetting about the meaty s.MP mixup since Kyo has too many in his arsenal as it is. Good to know there are still some reliable people who give out good info on SRK. :tup:

meaty tip of c.MP is better for real, link far s.HK (counterhit) or rekkas (any hit, or HP rekkas for GC)

I’ve linked a sweep on a counter-hit c.MP before. I got a wtf look from the other guy. :rofl:

Honestly though, I’d say s.MP is better because it’s much more meaty and you can tag ANOTHER c.MP after it into rekkas.

Yeah, also when you start training them to start blocking c.shorts, the fun REALLY begins. They wake up you throw. Whiff c.short, throw. Tick meaty c.short, throw. c.short wait, c.short, xx rekkas.

Vs. Sakura

Uh, found this out totally by accident (which is like 90% of how I figure shit out), but against Sak’s whiffed s.HK, Kyo can s.LP it back a lot how you can jab Blanka after a whiffed c.HP.

I know some of you are going to complain because it doesn’t do enough damage, but is that what really matters here? Just let the Sak player know that whoring s.HK won’t work all the time. And if they try and get smart by trying to walk into range, press your s.HK with Kyo as quick as you can and you’ll hit her for free. Reset, avoid random RCs, get knockdowns and don’t get hit by shosho. GGPO.

I <3 theory fighter. :encore: :rofl:

df+HK Pressure, Mixup and Guard Crush Strings

First, the frame data.

400+800 damage
First hit must be blocked low
Second hit can be blocked high

This move is awesome for a lot of reasons. Here’s my strategy list and setups for it.

When you land the move, hit or blocked (doesn’t matter since the frame advantage is the same, zero), it’s not a bad idea to pull the move again immediately. They’ll be forced to take it or block it again, giving you the same situation as before. Perform the move again or go for mixups.

The startup is 11 frames. The startup seems like a lot, but since the move is completely safe if it hits because of the zero frame advantage, the only way you can be screwed by using it is if they hit you out of it before it comes. If you mix up when you use the move, this is almost impossible.

If you step back a bit before you do the move, the first hit will whiff and the second hit will land. This gives your opponent 23 frames to react to the movement, which is enough to pull off a anticipitory shoruyken or other quick invincible move on confirmation of movement. However, the first motion of the move looks a hell of a lot like Kyo’s :d::mk:.

900 damage

After taking the step back, do the :d::mk: instead. If they attempt to hit you out of the second hit, they’ll whiff and you’ll have an chance at a free combo. If they sit there blocking, it’s a message for them not to try anything as you slide in.

If they try to jump over the :df::hk: as you start it, you will find the arc of their jump and the travel of your move will put you in the pefect position to :bdp::hp: them as they float over you to the other side. You will be under most crossups, and since the dp move has lots of invincibilty, it’ll cut through all that crossup priority, too. This doesn’t work as well with tall-jumping characters, but more with the shoto-type jumpers.

If you want to keep them on the ground for sure, pull out the old far standing roundhouse, :hk:. 7 frame startup means they’re not going to jump, and if they do, you’ll hit them. Also try the :d::mk: at close range (also 7 frame startup) to give them double worries about not holding down and back. (Jump start up on the PNK grooves is 6 frames, to account for small jump.)

This move makes it really easy to incorporate into your guard crush strings. After a rekka chain, if you can put in some crouching shorts, then link it into the kick slide, it’s free GC damage. Continue with the mixups and you’ll easily cut half their gauge. Activate in N-Groove for even more damage.

It’s one of Kyo’s best abuseable moves. Take care not to over-abuse it, of course. Incorporate it into your game as with any other move.

Kyo can hit Sakura with his sweep. His reaches out farther than Sakura’s st rh by a few pixels. If I see Sakura throwing it out carelessly, I start throwing out sweeps in retaliation (if I’m not in close).

So I was at a tournament the other day, and this guy kept on doing:,, qcf lp x2…(stop) I try and hit him, he counter hits me with into combo.

So whats the deal? I tried to punish him. Is there an advantage after the 2nd rekka? I tried to throw him, tried to him after he stopped but it just didn’t work!

Can someone break the frames down for me?

If you blocked the (first and) second rekka, he’s at a -11 (dis)advantage, so you should be safe to sweep at the very least.

If he hit you, on the other hand, he’s at -2, which leads to favorable mixup opportunities for him. The only thing you can do in this situation is to block or pray for a perfect timing 2-frame startup close standing jab to trade (if you’re close enough), which is not worth the risk.

An attack chain I love to do with Kyo is if the rekka combo hits, I stop after the second and start it again with the, rekka chain again. If they try anything to punish it, they’ll eat the chain again. I stop this second chain at the second hit again, which causes the other guy to freeze, which leads to a free kick throw and wakeup mixup.

The nice thing about this is that any time after the first time you try it, they’re likely to turtle up as the second hit connects. Instead of finishing off the successful combo with the kick or a risky overhead, just stop and throw them first thing. At worst, they’ll tech out of it (or you’ll tech out of their throw, if you’re trying overheads, which can be thrown out of).

Check the frame data again. Jab rekka’s first hit is at -5, mp first hit is -10, fp version is -11. Second hit for lp and mp is -2 hit, -11 blocked, fp version is +1 hit, -8 blocked. The first hit of the jab rekka is as safe as Iori’s, so that is the one you should use if your opponent is blocking. I can only RC the mp/hp rekkas though, If I try to RC the lp version, I get the double kicks. If your rekkakens are hitting, I don’t see why you wouldn’t finish the combo, it sets up an ambiguous roll cross-up and you get the knock down. The only time you should be doing that is if you go for the counter hit rekka if you first one gets blocked. is overrated. You can get as much frame advantage as off off Difference is, if you mess up the meaty you are at +6 always. If you mess up the meaty with, you are at +/- 0. Regular lets you link a

crouching medium punch can be parried high or low, as opposed to standing medium punch which must be parried high.

Well, he did say qcf+mp x2, meaning he was talking about the second hit in the rekka chain, for which my numbers are right.

In either case, you are about 90% safe with the first hit of the LP rekka. The further away you are when you connect, the safer you are. People with stupid fast sweeps can tag you out of it, but generally you’re good to abuse it.

Standing strong also does 100 more damage and reaches farther. It’s just to thing to punish Bison Scissor Kicks.

My bad, I thought you were also refering to the first and second hit of the rekkas in general, thats how it sounded. I was just saying -11 for the first hit was incorrect, but you didn’t mean it for that. Not only is longer, it’s just as fast being 4 frames. But I swear I blocked a 2-hit knee press and I was out of range to use it, I got CC’d and died, lol. Sometimes you are so far away after a blocked rekka, the opponent can’t do anything except lvl3. See how far away you are if Sagat blocks,, xx qcf+mp.