Kyo vs. Iori


Which of them is better and why? I never could get a concrete analysis of this.


It’s hard to say. N-Iori is real good but so is K-Kyo, but they can be used in others grooves too. You can’t really say who is better, they both got certain styles of play, but one exceeds in certain areas. No one’s gonna argue that Kyo has better wake-up mind games than Iori, he has so many options. Iori has a better far away poking game, while Kyo is better up close. Of course that doesn’t mean that Kyo doesn’t have a far away game, and vice-versa. Iori is very dangerous up close also because the command grab. I’ll post more later.

*Please don’t make this a “Iori is better than Kyo because his fireball” or “I like Kyo better because he’s better looking” threads. Don’t turn this into one of those crappy threads. Come up with good valid points on both.


Of course.


It depends on the player.

Iori is dangerous because when you whiff you are dead. His x3 qcb+px3 is easy and dangerous. He’s especially good in A groove. His A-Groove combo does more damage then kyo’s i think.

i’m not a iori player so i’m biased towards Kyo. he looks cooler so haha.

Kyo has a mad mixup game and has great combos. after a qcf+mk, DP+fk

the mix up starts. you can

-small jump d.hp
-small jump d.hp X-up/fake X-up
-empty jump X-up (insert combo here)
-Hk throw

and after the Hk throw, the mixup starts again.

btw, kyo’s super isn’t great imo.

so in the end, iori is a more consistant character imo. somedays your mixups don’t mixup with kyo and Kyo’s super sux /=. iori has a better super and CC. i perfer kyo cause mixup is fun.


this was posted in buk’s old “Random Stuff I Learned In Japan” thread…

As for Kyo being better than Iori, I wouldn’t go that far yet. Iori has a mix-up that is also very potent (but not nearly as frightening as Kyo’s), and he is much better rounded. Anybody who uses a character and relies solely on attack mix-ups, like Makoto and Magneto, are going to be inconsistent at best. After Izu flew through the SBO finals, he STILL isn’t really considered one of the best. Why? Because Makoto is just random. On a good day, you outguess everybody. On others, you can’t grab somebody to save your life.

Anyways, some Kyo vs. Iori points:

Pro Kyo:
-Huge stun damage
-high (on big characters)/low/throw mix-up which leads to another mix-up (Iori’s mix-ups don’t guarantee another mix-up for the most part)
-Huge scare factor (from previous 3 points)
-Has less counter characters
-Big openings present an oppurtunity for a death combo

Pro Iori:
-Much better distance game with fireballs and superior range (s.roundhouse and low roundhouse, s.forward and f+strong)
-Better anti-airs covering more angles (c.roundhouse or fierce for cross-ups, low fierce or uppercut for most jumps, s.roundhouse for jumps from afar and straight up jumps)
-B&B combo is easier, safer, and does same roughly the same damage.
-Better super in almost every way
-Better guard breaking ability
-Much better RC rekka

In short, both chars are rushing chars, but Iori has a much better distance game, while Kyo is much better up close.


If you want to know which one is the better character, then they’re pretty even. P/K Kyo fights the top tier about as well as N/A Iori. Kyo fights against Blanka/Bison a lot better, Iori fights against Cammy/Guile a lot better. They both are pretty even with Sagat/Sakura, and they both lose to Chun Li.

Fighting each other though, Iori has the clear advantage. His distance game is WAY better since Kyo can’t duck under Iori’s standing roundhouse, but Iori can duck under Kyo’s standing roundhouse. Iori also has RC rekkas at his disposal which is hard for P/K Kyo to deal with. Kyo has to get in on Iori to do any damage, and Iori has many of the same options when he’s close.


I think Kyo’s super is not that weak since it can link after LK very easy.


I use C also. If you do s.rh xx lvl2 Serpent wave xx new wave smash, uppercut it does like 60% life.


it’s not as cool as iori. i know it’s fanboyism but yah.


Kyo and Iori have equally good supers. They can both do them after a combo starting with d.LK and/or combo them after a low jump at any level. Iori’s is easier to combo. Kyo’s you have to press more buttons but as a result you get more damage for your effort.

I don’t know the frame data on both Kyo and Iori’s up close attacks (jabs, shorts etc…). But since I’m biased anyway and like Kyo better, I’m just gonna say he’s stronger up close. With JD, I’m not worried about anything Iori’s going to throw at me at midrange (including uncrouchable s.HK). I feel RC Iori punches are no good either. If I had Iori, I would never do those against any K-groove character, nevermind Kyo (who can capitalize greatly after a JD).

Anyway, I think the match is even. Depends on the player that’s all. (Important what groove Kyo is in though…)

EDIT: Forget what I said about Kyo being better up close. His standing jab isn’t as good as Iori’s. You guys know what? Forget everything I wrote in this post. I just realized…

-The Kyo vs. Iori intro takes 10 minutes to finish…
-Both are SNK characters (ie. they suck)


i think S-kyo is the best kyo imo. not only do you have hi-lo, left-right, throw mind games but you have charge, fake charge, dodge. it’s crazy.



But everyone has those options in S, and besides, control characters benefit the most out of it than anyone outside SCBB. Kyo’s better off moving in and getting as much damage off as his supers will allow than giving it up for a dodge/charge mindgame.

But on that account, at least Iori’s even with Kyo in that groove as well.


but the charge/dodge game is great for kyo after a knockdown, and when kyo gets the knockdown, the mixup starts.


Kyo vs Iori Glitch?

Have Iori do a qcb+HP (RC or not doesn’t matter). Just defend it with Kyo. Kyo gets a free combo after. Use d.LK, d.MP xx qcf+MP. Under normal circumstances, this combo works always at any distance. But after JDing the Iori punch, it doesn’t work?? The d.MP for some reason doesn’t stun Iori long enough for the qcf+MP to reach in time. You have to use qcf+LP instead. Same thing if you try to combo with double kicks. s.HK xx qcf+HK would normally combo always right? Especially at point blank range, which is where Iori leaves himself after you JD his attack. But you have to use qcf+MK instead.

I know it’s not because of the counter hit pushing Iori too far back or anything. On a normal counter hit d.LK or whatever, d.MP xx qcf+MP will still always combo. In fact, it’s easier on the counter hit. What’s up with when you JD then try to combo though? The hit stun time on Kyo’s attacks gets messed up or something.

It’s stupid that’s all I know. Anyway, JD, free close s.HK xx qcf+HP chain or just JD, guaranteed throw is probably better anyway.


Nevermind what I said about Kyo vs. Iori being even. I just realized that 90% of my Kyo offense consists of s.HK. I almost lost to a teenage girl last night at the arcade because she picked C-Iori and held down on the joystick.


I just switch to