Kyo Who???

In your opinon which groove best suits kyo the new found savior lol lol lol just speak your mind.

i think it would be either N,C or A groove


K - A - P - N - C - S

He’s good in all grooves though.

K, N, P.

I like him in A-groove. Roundhouse customs own.

I use kyo in k and a mostly k tho

Does Kyo have an easy CC? Does it involve Roundhouse?

His cc IS roundhouse (his easy one)

how does that cc combo go with all those hk’s

'well, when I heard Kyo’s Roundhouse is good for CCs, I started messing around with standing Rhand then alternating between that and crouching toward + Rh so the standing attack connects, and then try to finish with the qcf super. I suppose you could end the CC with a crouching Rh into his other super, but I find that a lot harder to time: I am NOT used to the timing for doing all your attacks in CCs, since it’s so different from timing apart all the hits in non-CC, regular combos.

What I’m wondering is how much damage you can do with his CCs? I only did about 50% damage in training mode to a Ratio-1 Kyo when I also picked R1-Kyo to practice :frowning: ??