Kyo's BnB combos



I’d like to know some useful BnB combos and WHEN exactly should they be tried. I’m having trouble considering when to do a certain combo with Kyo. My most used combos are, qcf mp, qcf mp, any kick; and,, fk “triple flying dragon uppercut kick attack…”.


The only one you need most of the time is c.short, c.jab, c.strong, rekka chain. Anything else is less damage and less stun than this one.

There’s also his high damage corner combo that you can do if somebody’s dizzy:

j.fierce, s.rh, qcf+rh, rh, land, f+fierce, qcf+jab, whiff hcb+p, p. Make sure the second part of the hcb+p, p connects because it hits them while they’re on the ground.


do both the f.fierce and qct.jab hit?

  1. RC qcf+k-k, dp+k/hcb+k/dp
  2. cr.short, cr.short, qcf+k-k, dp+k/hcb+k/dp
  3. cr.short/cr.jab, cr.strong, strong rekka chain
  4. cr.short, cr.fierce, fierce rekka chain
  5. cr.strong, s.strong, strong rekka chain
  6. MEATY close s.strong, cr.fierce, fierce rekka chain


Why can’t I combo in 2 cr. strongs? am i doing somehting wrong? It’s not working for me.


You have to be pretty close to your opponent.
Just tap, wait a split second, tap again.